Veracruz, Mexico

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Location of Services

Av. Las Américas 241
De Las Americas
Primero de Mayo Nte
94299 Boca del Río, Ver.

First Service Time

Friday, Sept. 29, 2023, 7:30 p.m.

Site Description

I am very excited and happy to announce that the Feast site for Mexico 2023 will be in Boca del Río Veracruz Ver.

Southeast of Mexico City on the Gulf Coast is where you will find the historic and exuberant port of Veracruz. It was from this port city that the first Spanish settlements made their base and from which the Spanish explores eventually conquered Mexico. So there is a lot of history in and around the city.

Boca del Río Veracruz is an easy-going, friendly and bustling port-city. Locals are known as “Jarochos,” and they have a reputation for dancing and just enjoying life. Its leisure fame stems from Arican- and Caribbean-influenced music, lively dancing and an annual Carnival, which is held every July.

The city has a strong and distinctive colonial feel to it. Palm trees line the streets and the zocalo (main plaza) where, at night, Marimba (Afro-Caribbean) music fills the streets and people meet to talk, dine, dance, eat, drink the famous Veracruz coffee and just watch the world go by. The city is very distinct from the traditional “tourist circuit” of colonial cities.

The new part of the city, “Boca del Río,” offers many options for dining and entertainment. The Ramada Inn “Boca del Río” hotel is located at:

Av. Las Americas #241
Fraccionamiento Las Américas
Boca del Río
Veracruz, Mexico 94299

The 5-star hotel offers many options for Feast activities. The 141 hotel is a very good option for internationals since the hall is located on the second floor, which makes arriving to services very easy and allows for more time to fellowship. Two very large interconnected malls are located across the street from the hotel accessible by an interconnecting bridge, which offer many shopping and dining options, some with ocean view. The ocean is about two blocks away and offers many options for dining and ocean activities.  

Public transportation and taxis are always available to travel downtown, to public beaches and to all ocean related activities.

The prices are as follows. Approximate exchange rate is 20 pesos per US$1.

Double room with one or two beds    $1,400 pesos          US$70

Triple room with two beds                 $1,500 pesos         US$75

Quadruple room with two beds        $1,600 pesos         US$80

Two lunch meals will also be offered on the first and second holy day between services for your convenience at a cost of $216 pesos per adult (US$10.80). We have not been provided yet with the cost for children or senior citizens.

The meals will offer two options of salads, two options, one soup, two pastas, two options of main dishes, three options of side dishes and bread, butter, flavored water and coffee and tea. Tip and tax included.

There are direct flights to Veracruz from the U.S. (Three direct flights from Houston, (US$300 round trip tickets per person if you purchase now). Also there are flights from Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco. The airlines who travel there are: Aeroméxico, TAR, United Airlines, Viva Aerobus and Volaris.)

The closest airport is General Heriberto Jara Corona International Airport Ver. Transportation from the airport to the hotel takes about 40 minutes at a cost of approximately $250 pesos (US$12-15) per taxi depending on the size of the taxi.  

For more information about the hotel please visit:

If you are considering coming for the Feast with us in Veracruz, we would appreciate it if you stayed at the hotel since we will not have to pay for the meeting space if 50 rooms are reserved. However, there are many near by RB&B options that also offer a wide range of affordable prices, as well as other near by hotels in the area. Please consider adding to our joy by visiting this attractive, historic and safe city for God’s Feast of Tabernacles and Eighth Day.

Larry Roybal

Feast coordinator

Tel. 818-280-4828
[email protected]
[email protected]