Park City, Utah

Festival Site Updates

August 29, 2019

Activity registration deadline and parking details

It is now only one week until the deadline for activity registrations to be postmarked! Please make every effort to get those in as soon as possible. Right now, 47 teens are registered for Park City, but we have yet to receive one registration for the Teen Bowling and Pizza Party. Many have registered for the Family Day train ride, but we have heard from very few for the Young Adults’ Activity and Seniors’ Brunch. It would help us greatly if you would send the form and payment soon. Just go to, click on “2019 Sites,” then “Park City, Utah,” then “Activities.”

Also, for those who will need to park close and could use some help entering the building, Brit Railson is handling special services. Feel free to email him at to let him know of your needs. We will have a parking crew for everyone else, but be very careful not to park in the spaces for the health club next to the Prospector. There are parking lots for the Prospector, as well as street parking. You will need a parking pass to park in any of the Prospector lots. We will make these available beginning on the Sabbath, Oct. 12.

Thanks in advance for your response, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Larry Neff
Festival coordinator

August 5, 2019

Important updates

Please be sure to read these important announcements/updates for Park City. I am going to enumerate to help everything stand out:

  1. For the elder/deacon/ess luncheon on the Last Great Day we have dropped chicken parmesan as a choice. We will only offer the soup and salad bar. If you have already mailed your payment for the chicken, email me at and we will work it out.
  2. Seniors—please remember to sign up for the brunch on the weekly Sabbath. We will not be dispensing tickets at the site as we have done many times in the past.
  3. Handicapped and seniors—if you will need close parking, please notify Britain Railston in advance. We will have excellent parking for those who need it and you can make arrangements ahead of time. You may email Mr. Railston at
  4. We are looking for more help in the following service areas: ushering, parking, public safety, audio-visual and pianists who can accompany hymns. Please email if you would like to volunteer.

June 21, 2019

Sabbath services and volunteer opportunities

We are really excited about having all of you observe the Feast with us in Park City! There are a couple of things I would like to pass along to you. On the Sabbath of Oct. 12 (the day before the opening service), we will not be having services in Castle Rock, Loveland (Berthoud), Grand Junction or Salt Lake City. But we will have services at the Prospector at 2 p.m. in the Grand Celebrity Theatre, which is where services will be held during the Feast. And please be aware that everyone who parks in one of the Prospector parking lots will need a parking pass. We will be passing these out on Sunday, probably at the information table. More specific information will be given later. You may also park on the street without a pass. And there will be parking for handicapped individuals right next to the building and very close to the meeting space.

Also, more volunteers are needed for a couple of areas of service, and for one area where we don’t usually have a need. We could use more help with parking and a crew is needed to re-set the overflow room for the family dance. The other responsibility would be what I’ll call “food service.” This won’t involve any cooking, but would primarily involve serving one or two meals with catered food. We are allowed to provide our own food and drink, which can be catered or done by ourselves. We would also like to provide coffee for everyone each morning. The Prospector has a kitchen with a couple of large coffee pots there. Other than that there will be a couple of occasions where we would like to provide refreshments—the family dance, singles' reception, etc.

Finally, if there is anyone who has experience with stage decoration, flowers, etc. we may be able to use your help.

If you would like to serve in any of these areas, please contact me at


Larry Neff, Festival Coordinator

May 29, 2019

Pre-Feast Sabbath services and volunteer opportunities

On the Sabbath of Oct. 12, services will be conducted at the Prospector (the Feast location of services) at 2 p.m. There will not be services that day in Castle Rock, Loveland, Salt Lake City or Grand Junction.

We are looking for volunteers to help with setup (actually re-setup) for a couple of occasions. Help is also needed with parking and food service. Volunteering to help with food service will involve serving food that will be catered for a couple of occasions and brewing coffee for the entire group before services each day. With enough volunteers we should be able to avoid making it necessary for a few to serve every day. 

If you can help with any of these duties, please email Larry Neff at

Site Description

For the 2019 Feast we’ll once again be in Park City, Utah, a site we used in 2012 and 2013. The elevation is right at 7,000 feet.

The history of the 2002 winter Olympics is reflected very well, especially at Olympic Park, one of the great places to visit in the area. Recreational opportunities abound, and restaurants are abundant. A visit to historic Main Street is a must. Many of the buildings originated during the 19th-century silver mining boom.

One great feature is the town’s proximity to Salt Lake City. Mormon Square in the downtown Salt Lake City area is quite interesting and educational.

We will be sponsoring a number of church activities as well. One we are really excited about is Family Day, when we’ll have a two-hour ride on a historic train (steam engine and all) from the Heber Valley Railway Station in Heber City, about 20 minutes from Park City. There will be entertainment on the train, and an optional box lunch can be purchased.

Those who attended Park City in 2013 will be glad to know that the construction and renovation of the Prospector are long since completed. The result is beautiful. Some of the housing we will be listing has been renovated as well. Condos, townhomes, studios and private homes are abundant.

Note: This may become a restricted site due to limited capacity.

Fragrance-controlled room available: Yes. (Please request this several weeks before the Feast by contacting   

Tax rate for accommodations: The Park City lodging tax is 13.02 percent plus a 9.7 percent reservation fee, which is standard. 

Larry NeffClosest airport: Salt Lake City (SLC), 37 miles.

Larry Neff