Orange Beach, Alabama

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Location of Services

Orange Beach Event Center
4671 Wharf Parkway
Orange Beach, AL 36561

First Service Time

Saturday, Oct. 3, 2020, 10 a.m.


Housing Updated Mar 25, 2020

Activities Updated Sep 24, 2020

Schedule Updated Sep 24, 2020

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Festival Site Updates

October 7, 2020

Orange Beach update

Dear Brethren,

What a year this has been!  And, not to disappoint us, it is ending with a Feast that has been the most challenging in our history!  Just when we thought things couldn’t get any worse than a pandemic, a hurricane struck Gulf Shores and Orange Beach.  Working around the clock these two cities did a wonderful job of getting things back to “normal.”  While it was obvious that a hurricane had come through the area, from all the pictures and Facebook comments, it seems that everyone was having a most wonderful Feast.  Then, the unthinkable occurred.  Another hurricane formed in the Caribbean and broke out in to the Gulf last night.  The governor of Alabama acted immediately late yesterday afternoon, before there was even much information as to where the hurricane would strike land, and ordered the evacuation of Orange Beach and Gulf Shores.  This afternoon, a hurricane warning was posted for Texas and Louisiana, but nowhere else.  The latest track has the hurricane coming ashore as a category 1, 2 or maybe 3 around the border between Texas and Louisiana.  This is an incredible 390 miles west of Orange Beach.  If the current track holds up, the storm will actually come ashore closer to Houston and Dallas than Orange Beach.  At this point even the storm surge in Mobile, AL, is not considered to be significant.  Of course, that could change, but at this point no one is forecasting any significant problems in Orange Beach.  The hurricane warnings are up as far as Mississippi but not as far as Alabama. 

Of course, we felt we had to respect the governor’s order to evacuate.  Only tourists had to evacuate, not the local residents.  The Event Center has permission for us to continue meeting for services and it is possible that even housing will open back up in Orange Beach and Gulf Shores before the weekend.  The mayor of Orange Beach has given us all permission to come into the city for services each day.  You should have received the visitor’s pass over your email.  If you did not receive such a pass, then please contact Phil Sandilands right away.  Please have the pass available in case you are asked for it.  At this point with little potential of a storm coming ashore on the coast of Alabama, we don’t believe the city will set up any checkpoints, but just in case, you should be covered.

Currently we are planning a 10 a.m. in person service each of the final three days – Thursday, Friday and the Last Great Day.  We are canceling all additional activities.  If we ever believe it is unsafe for us to be meeting for services, we will certainly let you know.  But, at this point, we are confident that all will be well.  We are sorry for those of you who lost your housing and were not able to find new housing.  The evacuation order only requires that we not house on the island.  By going a few miles north, east or west you will be off the island and in compliance with the evacuation order.  I am sorry that it is proving to be so difficult for many of you on such short notice.  I hope I don’t have to repeat the obvious – none of this was planned, nor could it be planned for; it was completely out of our control.

For those of you who are still in the area, I hope to see you at services for these final three days.  Sharron and I arrived from Tucson Tuesday evening.  I have to say that I did not sleep at all last night, trying to take in all of this.  Things are much better today with a new forecast that has the hurricane coming ashore almost 400 miles west of Orange Beach.  We always pray for those who are affected by these storms and should continue to do so.  We certainly pray for all of you who are on the road home.  We are deeply sorry the Feast ended in this way for you.  For those of you still around, I look forward to seeing you at services.  Everyone is welcome to attend the in-person services each day for the remainder of the Feast.  Please bear with us as we sort out the seating, but based on the number who have left, we do not believe we will need to have two groups, alternating each day.  We will also webcast each day as we have for the first half of the Feast.

I want to especially thank Phil and Marlys Sandilands for all their work and those who helped them set up the Feast under the most unusual circumstances, and to see it through to the end.  I also want to thank those who work so hard to make the webcast possible.  And I want to thank all of you for your support and positive attitudes in spite of these difficult circumstances. 

One of the major lessons I believe we are all learning is not to take anything for granted!  Even now the Gulf Coast is still in the path of the hurricane, so we must be cautious and watch the weather over the next three days.  If we need to make changes we certainly will.  If nothing else we have proven that to be true during this most unusual year of 2020.  I can only tell you, as I write this message, things are looking good for services here at Orange Beach.

Jim Franks

September 24, 2020

Re-booking housing in Orange Beach

Orange Beach brethren-

We realize that many of you are not able to book your condo beginning on Oct. 1 or Oct. 2 due to the decision some management firms have made to cancel all bookings through Oct. 2. While this may be happening for various reasons (property damage, A/C not working, etc.), we know that some of you have struggled with re-booking your housing.

However, in many cases you can go online and re-book the same property from Oct. 3 (yes, I know that is the first holy day) through Oct. 11 or Oct. 12—and they will accept this booking period. Of course, this would require you to book a local hotel or other venue for the night or two prior. It is also possible to book another accommodation with a different management firm or book another property from the VRBO website directly.

We are so very sorry about the changing circumstances with booking accommodations, and have done all we can to share the fact that the local officials/government have confirmed that the city is “open” and that you can book accommodations if it is still your desire, and we hope it is, to attend Orange Beach!  

Very sincerely,

Phil Sandilands
Orange Beach Feast Coordinator

Site Description

Serving the southeastern area of the United States, this year’s Feast of Tabernacles will be held in beautiful Orange Beach, Alabama. Services will be held in the Orange Beach Event Center, located in The Wharf district. The Wharf has many fine restaurants, shopping, a marina and lots of activities for the whole family, including an escape room, Ferris wheel and a newly added zipline. For more information on The Wharf, visit

In addition to our regular services, we are scheduling teen and young adult drop-ins, a golf scramble, Family Day activities at the Orange Beach Sportsplex and a teen outing.

There are multiple beach locations—stretching across several miles—that allow for parasailing, diving, deep-sea fishing, glass-bottom boat tours, dolphin tours, beach volleyball and a host of other Gulf-related activities.

If your interest isn’t beautiful white sand, then just minutes from the beach are several theme parks, a zoo and Wade Ward Nature Park with its scenic wetlands boardwalk.

We encourage you to visit for more information on the attractions, restaurants and things to do in this coastal paradise. If your plans call for a beach venue for this year’s Feast of Tabernacles, we welcome you to Orange Beach, Alabama!

Fragrance-controlled room available: No.

Tax rate for accommodations: 13 percent. (Be sure to read details on each property listed in the housing information. Some Orange Beach accommodations include taxes and fees in their rates.) 

Phillip Sandilands

Closest airport: Pensacola (PNS), 30 miles. 

Phillip Sandilands