San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

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First Service Time

Wednesday, Oct. 16, 2024, 7:30 p.m.

Site Description

Once again, the Feast of Tabernacles will be hosted in the beautiful and artistic city of San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato.

San Miguel de Allende is the perfect place for the Feast of Tabernacles, its bohemian and artistic environment is unparalleled in very few places in the country. Its cobblestone streets and unique architecture is not only beautiful, but also historic. There are no traffic lights in the city and no busy hectic lifestyles, only time to spend relaxing and enjoying the weather, art, food, fellowship and natural surroundings. 

This picturesque town offers a typical Mexican colonial small town experience. From its art galleries to it many fine international restaurants, San Miguel has successfully hosted the Feast of Tabernacles for the Church for many years without complaints. The local cuisine is rich and varied, and has provided many wonderful family dinners and fellowshipping experiences for God’s people for many years.

The tranquility and the safety which San Miguel provides are some of its main attractions and advantages to take into consideration by those who are looking for an alternative for a sun and ocean destination. This delightful community offers the perfect tranquil environment for God’s holy days and family fellowship. Only three hours from Mexico City, San Miguel de Allende is one of Mexico’s most beautiful treasures, and has been nominated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO due to its cultural and architectonic wealth, which is representative of the Mexican Baroque.

San Miguel has no international airport, so visitors usually fly into the Leon/Bajio, Queretaro or Mexico City airports. Transportation—buses, vans and taxis—to San Miguel de Allende is available from all three airports at affordable prices.

San Miguel offers a wide range of accommodations fit for all size families; hotels or rented homes are amply available to stay in during the Feast. Feel free to shop around on the Web and find the perfect temporary dwelling. Since the city is small, the rented hall for services is accessible from most anywhere in town.  
The meeting hall is “Salon Las Brisas,” located at Real Salida a Queretaro #145. There are many hotels, Air B&B options in town. If you are looking for convenience, the Hotel Casa Primavera is the closest hotel, almost adjacent to the hall. With the current rate of exchange at about $17 pesos to one dollar, your second tithe will surely stretch a lot further than many other feast sites around the world. 

The Hotel Mision de San Miguel is the second closest to the hall, within walking distance, and you will also find many hotels around the main downtown plaza area which offer faster access to shops and restaurants, and where most of the local activities are found. Whether you decide to rent a home or stay at a downtown hotel, whatever meets your personal standards and finances, there are many options and wonderful places. Prices range from around $50 USD in cozy little bed and breakfast, to $1,000 USD per night in some of the most exclusive hotels.

Everyone will need to make their own arrangements for housing, since we will not host everyone at one hotel this year. 

This year Feast activities will include something for kids, young adults and seniors as well as for the whole family. We are sure that fellowship will be enjoyed as permitted and abundant time to enjoy the city will surely make this one of your best feasts ever. 

Translation is available from Spanish into English since services will be in Spanish except for Mr. Franks message. As always, we look forward to welcome all our international brethren. We are expecting about 350 people but have room for more than 500 so, come and enjoy this wonderful small city and the warmth or the Mexican brethren. 

Larry Roybal  Larry Roybal