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September 20

The Plague of the Heart
Kevin Epps · Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Don’t Leave Anything Behind
Don Henson ·

Have You Arrived at the Feast Yet?
Gary Black · New Braunfels, Texas

What Did You Bring to the Feast?
Doug Johnson · Orange Beach, Alabama

September 21

Feast of Tabernacles
Leon Walker ·

Who Are We That You Should Do This for Us?
Andy Burnett · New Braunfels, Texas

Hope in the World Tomorrow
Doug Horchak · Orange Beach, Alabama

Life in the Millennium—What It Might Be Like
Ken Giese ·

Why Are We Here? Hope Fufilled
Jon Pinelli ·

Rejoice! The Feast Is Here
Michael Hanisko · Branson, Missouri

The Rehabilitation of Israel
John Foster · Branson, Missouri

September 22

Father of Mercies, God of All Comfort
Jim Franks ·

September 23

Neither Shall They Learn War Anymore
Matt Zollner · Kohala Coast, Hawaii

Patiently Wait Upon the Lord
David Gatley · Kohala Coast, Hawaii

The Kingdom and the Kids’ Table
Zach Smith · Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Renewing the Zeal of the Millennium
Ron Kelley ·

Recapturing True Values
Tim Rickard · New Braunfels, Texas

Message to the Scattered Brethren
Phil Sandilands · Orange Beach, Alabama

Taste of the Kingdom
Chad Messerly ·

God Will Shake the Nations
James Capo ·

Are You Willing to Get Out of the Boat?
Tom Clark · Branson, Missouri

September 24

Just What Do You Mean, Rejoice?
Larry Salyer · Branson, Missouri

Your Kingdom Come!
Nathan Willoughby · Kohala Coast, Hawaii

Your Two Trees Moment
David West · Kohala Coast, Hawaii

Only God’s Government Works
Andrew Tranquada · Lancaster, Pennsylvania

A Restoration of All Things
Wes Cohron · Tucson, Arizona

How Nature Changes in the Millennium
Bill Jahns · New Braunfels, Texas

Kings and Priests in the Millennium
Gary McConnaughey · Orange Beach, Alabama

Preparing to Teach
Mark Whynaucht ·

What Will Life Be Like as a Spirit Being?
Larry Solomon ·

Dennis Fultz · Branson, Missouri

September 25

Millennium or Kingdom of God?
David Register · Kohala Coast, Hawaii

We Will Rule In Love
Mark D Winner ·

What Will It Be Like to Be Like God?
Ron Kelley ·

Liberty for All
David Treybig · New Braunfels, Texas

Which Horse Will You Ride?
Britton Taylor · Orange Beach, Alabama

Hope for the World Tomorrow
Doug Horchak ·

How Can God Use Me?
Jon Pinelli ·

You Shall Hear a Voice Behind You
Mike Blackwell · Branson, Missouri

September 26

Called to the Family of God
David Gatley · Kohala Coast, Hawaii

Family in Two Phases
Paul Carter · Tucson, Arizona

Let There Be Peace
Eric Evans ·

Impossible Forgiveness
Gary Black · New Braunfels, Texas

A Pure Language
Greg Sargent ·

The Golden Ticket
Chuck Sinon ·

The Last Frontier
Jason Hyde ·

Laborers for the Harvest
Steven D. Moody · Branson, Missouri

September 27

God’s Family Album of Faith
Chris Moen · Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Eyes to See and Ears to Hear
Bill Johnson ·

How Far Will Your Light Shine?
Mark Hampton ·

How Could This Happen?
Doug Johnson · Orange Beach, Alabama

Which Horse Will You Ride?
Britton Taylor ·

Eternity in Our Hearts
Mike Bennett ·

The Lamb That Covers; the Lamb That Brings Life
Royden Morgan ·

From Wandering to Wondering
Justin Adkins · Branson, Missouri

September 28

The Last Great Day and Beyond…
Nathan Willoughby · Kohala Coast, Hawaii

When Waiting Becomes Waited
Zach Smith · Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Answers to Questions of the Formerly Dead
Tom Kirkpatrick · Tucson, Arizona

The Last Great Day—Second Resurrection
Dave Baker ·

Knowing These Things Beforehand
Don Henson ·

Perfect Memory, Perfect Love, Perfect Justice
Andy Burnett · New Braunfels, Texas

In My Father’s House Are Many Mansions
David Treybig · New Braunfels, Texas

A Chance for Salvation for All
Larry Neff ·

Your Purpose for Your Pilgrimage
Clyde Kilough ·

The Substance of Things Hoped For
David Johnson ·

The Hand of the Diligent Will Rule
Michael Hanisko · Branson, Missouri

October 22

Introducing the Government of God
Tom Clark · Branson, Missouri