Costa del Sol, El Salvador

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Location of Services

Hotel Tesoro Beach
Blvd Costa del Sol
San Luis la Herradura, El Salvador

Site Description

This year we will again have the Feast or Tabernacles in the Costa del Sol (Hotel Tesoro Beach). This is a beautiful tourist resort that God has provided us to keep His Feast.

Hotel Tesoro Beach is located just 21 miles from the El Salvador International Airport and transportation from the airport to the Feast site is very good (Uber service, Taxi service). Hotel Tesoro Beach is approximately one hour from the capital San Salvador.

Guests at the hotel have complete access of the beach, the ocean and all facilities of the hotel.

The hotel package includes three meals per day and the restaurant has a wonderful view. However, the hotel is very close to other restaurants in case you want to know a different place.

Here is a link for photographs of the hotel:

All Church services and social activities will take place at the facilities of the resort.

We welcome visitors from other countries. However, all services will be conducted in Spanish. There will be no English translations.

Those interested in coming to Tesoro Beach (Costa del Sol) can contact Eleodoro Ávila or José Orellana through their email addresses: [email protected], [email protected] or telephone at: 502 5131-0412 (WhatsApp) or 503 7877-0297 (WhatsApp).

Eleodoro ÁvilaEleodoro Ávila