Lican Ray, Chile

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Location of Services

Complejo Turistico El Conquistador
General Urrutia
Licán Ray 4930000
Araucanía, Chile

First Service Time

Sunday, Oct. 9, 2022, 8 p.m.

Site Description

Once again this year we plan to have the Feast of Tabernacles in the beautiful Lican Ray in the south of Chile.

Lican Ray is located about 500 miles south of Santiago, Chile. Its strategic location and affordable price facilitates Feast attendance for all of the members of this area. The owner of this facility invites us to come back year after year.

Lican Ray is a small tourist town that is inhabited mainly during the summer time. During the Feast time it is almost empty, which allows us to enjoy the facilities of the cabin complex and the whole town even more.

The town is located in the middle of mountains, which allows everyone to enjoy nature. There are lots of vegetation, a beautiful lake and a nice view of a volcano, which is snowcapped all year. All of these make the Feast in Chile spiritually enlightening and peaceful.

We are expecting about 400 local members to attend this Feast site. However, we would appreciate having visitors from other parts of the world. Unfortunately, we will not have translation into other languages. Visitors must know the Spanish language.

All of the attendees will stay in the same cabin complex. Each cabin has all of the necessary items to cook meals. However, many of the brethren decide to eat together at least once a day in a restaurant that offers us a special price.

The expenses for the whole Feast are very reasonable, which allows local members the ability to attend. It is a blessing that all of the local members are able to keep the Feast in the middle of a difficult economic situation.

If you want more information about the facilities at the site, please see the following web page:

Saul Langarica

If you want more information about the Feast site or want to apply to keep these holy days of God with us in southern Chile, please contact Saul Langarica at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Saul Langarica