2023 Victoria, British Columbia Festival Messages

2023 President's Sermon

September 29

Why Are We Here? Tourist or Sojourner?
Jon Pinelli

As we live these eight days, we must be fully reminded and invested in the fact that we are sojourners on this earth. We live our eventual destiny, and as such we cannot be tourists this Feast, but sojourners.

September 30

The Transfiguration A lesson for the FOT
Britton Taylor

Jesus Christ allowed three disciples to see a vision and witness His change from physical to the brightness of a spirit being. This remarkable event is tied to Christ’s return and the establishment of His Kingdom on earth. This sermon explores the link between the transfiguration and the Feast of Tabernacles.

October 2

Our Hearts Dance at the Feast
Don Henson

We’re told to “rejoice” at the Feast, which means extreme happiness expressed in some visible manner. The word could be literally translated “a dancing heart.” Here’s why we have a dancing heart at the Feast.

October 3

We March with a High Hand
Britton Taylor

The sermon encourages us to be faithful to the high calling of God that we have individually received.

October 5

The Beautiful, Millennial Mind of God
Tom May

The Feast points to a beautiful world tomorrow that reflects the mind of God. We see it in the foretold physical beauty and in the harmony that will result from the application of God’s way.

Turning Lemons Into Lemonade
Michael Lindenberg

God is preparing us for an incredible job in His kingdom. Bitter trials can be opportunities to develop skills that will be utilized in the sweet time of God's soon-coming kingdom.

October 7

The Last Great Day of Salvation
Don Henson

The Eighth Day represents the conclusion of God’s plan of salvation. In terms of sheer numbers it’s the biggest step in His plan. It resolves the mystery of the unsaved dead by offering salvation to all mankind, includes the final judgment for those who reject His plan and ushers in the eternal Kingdom. 

GPS: God’s Positioning System
Dave Myers

The Global Positioning System is an amazing technological achievement. But even with this wonderful tool, most humans don’t truly know where they are going—spiritually! What GPS does a Christian need to keep going in God’s direction?