2023 Lancaster, Pennsylvania Festival Messages

2023 President's Sermon

September 29

The First Feast of the Millennium
Clyde Kilough

What will the Millennium’s first Feast be like? This raises many questions about how we will begin teaching people about what God is working out. What can we know and imagine about that first Feast, and how does this relate to how we keep the Feast this year?

September 30

Fears, Phobias and the Feast
Scott Lord

Learning to fear God is the purpose of the Feast.

October 2

Kingdom of Priests
Chad Messerly

Scripture shows that the faithful followers of Jesus now will be a kingdom of priests during the millennial reign of Christ. What does that mean? How will that work, and is it an important role within the plan of God?

October 4

The Sound and Sight of Change
Blaney Sproul

What will the Millennium look and sound like 500 years into the 1,000-year reign of Christ? In Zechariah 8:1-6 we see Jerusalem, inhabited and secure; the longevity of its citizens; and the presence of children playing.

A Country of Our Own
Martin Cole

Our spiritual forefathers had a vision of a country of their own. How do we capture and hold onto this vision? Here are three ways: Come out of the country that is not ours, immerse ourselves in the future God is preparing for us and all humanity (the country that is ours), and be “eager for a better land.” 

They Shall Learn War No More
Chad Messerly

Our world today hasn’t known a time of true peace. There is conflict in some part of the world at all times. The way of peace is not being taught on the world stage. However, the time is coming when, under Jesus Christ, the perfect arbiter, mankind will be taught how to have peace rather than war.

October 5

The Checklist
Scott Lord

Let’s take a look at one of the biblical descriptions of the people who will be part of the Kingdom of God.

October 7

God Has Not Failed
Chad Messerly

This is not the only day of salvation. The plan of God includes one perfect and fair chance for every person. The one fair chance  will include being taught God’s incredible way of life. Most have not had their chance yet, but all people will according to God’s timing and plan of salvation.

I Know the Plans I Have for You
Clyde Kilough

As we wrap up this year’s annual cycle of God’s festivals, what have we learned about His plan? And equally important, what does the knowledge of His plan do for us?