2023 Kohala Coast, Hawaii Festival Messages

2023 President's Sermon

September 30

We Are Gods!
David Register

How does God view us? When we think about the Millennium, do we see ourselves in the role God has planned for us? According to Psalm 82, God views us as “gods” and members of His spiritual family.

October 2

Repentance 1.0, 1.5 and Beyond
Doug Johnson

Repentance can be different for those with different backgrounds—such as being called as an adult, as a child (or teen) having been born in the Church. How can we all understand and encourage each other?

October 3

Justice Is Coming Soon!
David Register

People all over the world are calling out for “justice.” Why is justice so elusive? This message focuses on the causes of injustice and how real justice will come only in the Millennium, after Jesus Christ returns.  

October 4

Humanity’s Search for Shortcuts
Doug Johnson

Humanity, starting in the Garden of Eden, has always looked for shortcuts (whether physical, geographical or spiritual). Can we see what the true answer to fulfilling our calling is?

October 5

Blessed Are the Peacemakers
David Johnson

Scripture makes it clear that man has never known the way to produce peace. We are observing a festival that promises peace. How are we going to produce what none have ever produced before? Are we proactively living the only way that will produce peace?

The Kingdom of God and the Millennial Reign of Christ—What’s the Difference?
Doug Johnson

Do we understand how these two terms are very closely related, but not identical?

October 6

Trust in God, Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow and Beyond
Matthew Zollner

Jesus Christ is coming to the earth to set up a new government - Will people accept the new leadership? Part of our job as priests and teachers will be to lovingly direct people towards God: Comforting, loving and encouraging them to seek Him and trust Him with their whole heart. He only is their Salvation.

Living with a Sense of Urgency in the Time of the End
John Pentlin

Urgency should not have anything to do with how much time we have left or world conditions. God's children are those rare people in this present evil age who with courage and commitment choose to live whole-heartly by the teaching of His word. Do we have the courage to be among them?

October 7

The End of the Beginning
David Johnson

We know the basic meaning of this day, but have we considered the events leading up to it? And what about the events that immediately follow the conclusion of this period? What about the brief period of Satan’s release before his final binding? Why a final resurrection?

The Two Trees, the Last Great Day and the Red Parking Lot
Doug Johnson

A personal Feast-related experience may help to bring to life the marvelous meaning of the Eighth Day.