2022 Webcast Information

Feast of Tabernacles webcasts: COGWA will be hosting live, daily webcasts from two of our U.S. websites this year: Greenville, South Carolina, and Tucson, Arizona.

Sabbath, Oct. 8, webcasts: For those needing to tune in to a COGWA Sabbath service on the Sabbath of Oct. 8, a list of available webcasts will also be listed and available on the cogwa.tv website.

Access to these webcasts (in English) will be available on the cogwa.tv website, on Roku and through the Feast of Tabernacles smartphone app. Spanish webcasts will be available on the
cogwa.tv/espanol website and on Roku.

Please note: A password will be required on the cogwa.tv website. The password is fot (just those three letters).

NOTE: All of our morning services will begin at 10 a.m. in the time zone in which they originate.