Kumasi, Ghana

Location of Services

Christian Village
Santasi, Kumasi

First Service Time

Thursday, Oct. 5, 2017

Site Description

The Feast site for 2017 in Ghana will be located in Kumasi, Ghana's second largest city. Kumasi is the capital of the former Ashanti Empire, which ruled much of modern-day Ghana for nearly 300 years. Kumasi is the cultural center for Ashanti history, including an extensive museum and the palace of the Asantehene, the current Ashanti king. Ghana also boasts well-preserved, former slave castles down on the coast. These are available for guided tours.

This year we will use the facilities of the Christian Village, an expansive property including a large meeting room for worship services and Bible studies. This site provides ample housing for the 550 local members we expect to attend. Western visitors have several choices of hotel accommodations close to the site.Tom Clark

Visitors who wish to keep the Feast in Ghana should contact Tom Clark to register and obtain travel and hotel information. You may reach him at thomas.clark@cogwa.org.

Tom Clark