2023 Orange Beach, Alabama Festival Messages

2023 President's Sermon

September 29

The Way, the Path, the Gate
Phil Sandilands

God shows us the way, but also gives us a path to follow—the festivals, looking for entrance through the gate of the Kingdom of God.

September 30

What If This Were Your Last Feast of Tabernacles?
Jim Franks

What if this were your last Feast of Tabernacles? What would you do differently?

October 1

The Golden Ticket
Wes Cohron

What will we need to do to redeem our “Golden Ticket”? The purpose of this sermon is to encourage each of us to redeem the time that God has given to us on this earth, so that at the end of this fragile life, we will be able to redeem our “Golden Ticket.”

October 2

Dedication of the Temple and the Church
Jim Franks

The most fabulous building ever built was no doubt Solomon’s temple. One of the metaphors for the Church is the temple. Solomon’s temple was dedicated during the Feast of Tabernacles. How does this relate to the Church today during the Feast?

October 3

Recapturing True Values
Tim Rickard

Two important concepts to realize early in life are that the Word of God is the foundation of knowledge and we are here to recapture true values. These cannot be acquired by observation or human reasoning, but only received by revelation from God. We must understand this if we want to live successful lives.

October 4

Our Reward
Chuck Sinon

Let’s lift our eyes above the fog of this world, which can so easily distract us from finishing our race of faith. By keeping our mind’s eye on the finish line and goal, we are promised a special “prize” to be firstfruits of the firstborn in the family of God. 

Are We Excited?
Matt Pavlik

Jesus Christ told His followers they must receive the Kingdom as a child. Are we as excited to receive the Kingdom and take our part in the Millennium as a child is to go to the Feast of Tabernacles?

October 5

God’s Mission Impossible
Michael Hanisko

God is a God of mission. One of His great missions—to bring all people and nations to know Him—could seem to be a mission impossible. Through two great events, God brought ancient Israel and surrounding nations to know Him. A time is coming when all Israel and all nations will know the true God.

October 6

Why Will Satan Be Released?
Phil Sandilands

Why has God placed it in His master plan for Satan to be released after the Millennium?

Lessons From Metamorphosis
Tim Rickard

Some of nature’s most stunning wonders are small, yet they are still beautiful works of creativity that we can learn from to deepen our relationship with God. There are several spiritual parallels to the lifecycle of the butterfly that can teach us lessons about our life’s journey towards God's Kingdom.

October 7

Lest We Sorrow as Others Who Have No Hope
Wes Cohron

The Last Great Day is a message of hope! Hope is a blessing from God. Many people do not clearly understand what happens after death. The Last Great Day clearly shows us God’s great plan of salvation for all of mankind. 

Lord, Increase Our Faith
Michael Hanisko

The concept of “duty” is a vital teaching in Scripture and is largely missing in today’s society. The Bible teaches how doing our duty as Christians builds our faith, helps us to endure trials and prepares us to teach what God expects us to teach in the World Tomorrow and beyond.