2023 Greenville, South Carolina Festival Messages

2023 President's Sermon

September 30

Why Are We Here Again?
Ron Kelley

We are here to portray in advance what the 1,000-year millennial reign of Jesus Christ will be like. We are here to appear before God to worship Him as we celebrate the meaning of these days, and we shall surely rejoice.  What is it about the Feast that should make us rejoice?

When God Intervenes, Everything Changes
Mark Winner

Man has tried and tried, but only failed to improve the world. It will take God’s intervention to change the path of this world. Jesus Christ will return, and everything will change.

October 1

The Responsibilities and Rewards of the First Fruits
Eric Evans

The Feast of Tabernacles reveals the part of God's plan of which the First Fruits will be ruling with Jesus Christ, and establishing the government of God on this earth. This is a huge responsibility for which the 'elect' are being prepared and it includes wonderful rewards!

October 3

The Sound of Music
Tom Burrows

Music is all through the Bible. God created man in His image and likeness. God sings! He created us with the same ability. Why? We will explore what music does to the mind and what it has to do with the Feast of Tabernacles.

October 4

What We Will Teach in the Millennium
Joel Waterhouse

We will be looking at three ways that we may be teaching or serving during the 1,000 years. We will cover fear, strength and righteousness and use examples from God’s Word, personal examples and possible one-on-one communication during the 1,000 years.

The Prodigal Son and the Kingdom of God-God Wants our Whole Heart
Bill Johnson

Using the Prodigal son as a backdrop, we need to give God our whole heart. We can live a life of being drawn to God in all we do.

October 5

What If This Were Your Last Feast of Tabernacles?
Jim Franks

What if this were your last Feast of Tabernacles?  What would you do differently?

October 6

Human Relations—What Is God Looking For?
Mark D Winner

One of the first and most important traits that will be taught to human beings after Christ’s return and Satan’s removal will be how to have healthy relationships with both God and man.  

October 7

God’s Love Is Forever
Larry Salyer

This sermon explains the meaning of the Last Great Day (Eighth Day). The White Throne Judgment will apply to individual families and to nations of the world that have rejected God. God loves His creation and will save all who are willing. 

Miracles, Yesterday, Today and Future
Jim Franks

The Bible is filled with miracles. We have all experienced miracles in this life, but the greatest miracles are yet to come.