2023 Cortona, Italy Festival Messages

2023 President's Sermon

September 30

Israel in the Millennium
David Treybig

In the Millennium there are going to be two categories of Israelites: humans of Israelite descent and spiritual Israel (faithful saints now). Both will assist Christ in first turning the hearts physical Israelites to God and then helping people of all nations understand God's way of life.

October 2

A Time of Harvests
Paul Carter

There is a first and a second harvest. During the Millennium we will be preparing for the greater harvest!

October 3

The Eternal Renaissance
Cory Erickson

An eternal, spiritual renaissance will occur beginning in the Millennium when the Holy Spirit will be poured out to all human beings. The foundation is being set now by the calling out of the first fruits, and pouring out of the Holy Spirit. Let's be focused on stirring up the Spirit in our hearts and minds!

Kevin Epps

Trees represent many important facets of the Millennium and beyond. Some of these are directly tied to the Feast of Tabernacles. Others harmonize with the meaning of the Feast. These items cover a variety of areas (trials, repentance, character and much more).

October 4

Lessons From Solomon
Kevin Epps

This message will consider how Solomon’s reign portrays things the world will be introduced to during the Millennium. These examples were more dominant during Solomon’s reign than that of most, if not all, other kings. Hopefully, this will enhance our vision and enthusiasm for God’s Kingdom.