2022 Park City, Utah Festival Messages

2022 President's Sermon

October 9

Your Seed to the Kingdom
Mark Whynaucht

We each have been given a seed, a precious seed. We have to forget about everyone else, and what they are doing with their seed. We have to focus on ourselves, and what we are doing with the seed God has given us—a seed to the Kingdom.

October 10

Seeing The Future
Doug Horchak

One the most important aspects of motivation is purpose and vision. As we begin the Feast of Tabernacles, God gives us a vision of the future that we should take advantage of while at the Feast.

October 12

The Branch’s Rulership
Andy Burnett

Verses 1-5 and 10 in Isaiah 11 give us attributes of the Branch’s leadership “style” as the Millennium gets underway. We will address these characteristics, contrast them with today’s forms of leadership and address how the Root of Jesse’s governance style should impact our lives as God’s people now.

October 13

Staying on the Path
Larry Solomon

In Matthew 7:13-14 Jesus talked about the two paths we have to choose from. Our youth face challenges today, but there are rewards for staying on the right path.

October 14

Our Job in the Millennium
Doug Horchak

We often wonder about what our job will be during the Millennium. The Scriptures clearly show that those in the family of God will be helping to educate, teach and mentor others as they come to repentance and see the need to live a new and different way of life.

Mount Zion and the Millennial Temple
Larry Neff

Does God have a favorite place on this earth? This study will show He does and where that place is. It will tie in with the millennial temple of Ezekiel 40-44 and how this is very important to us as well.

October 15

Human Beings Cannot Rule Themselves
Mark Whynaucht

Probably many of us, as we began to prepare for the Feast, asked ourselves, “Why are we going there? What will this time picture for all of us? What is our purpose? What do we understand about coming out of a world into the picture of the Millennium?”

October 16

Demas and the Last Day of the Feast
Brit Railston

Since the last day of the Feast of Tabernacles corresponds to when Satan is released, let’s look at the story of Demas (the only New Testament figure to walk away from his calling) and the strategy Satan used to get him to do it (being double-minded). Given Satan will likely try it again when released, how can we overcome this?

The Last Divide
Jim Chapman

We have a wonderful opportunity to take this Feast home with us and to be a shining light to those around us, by practicing what the Feast is about.

October 17

To Hell and Back
Larry Salyer

Death is common to man. Everyone goes to Hell--that is, the grave. The second death--the wages of sin--is eternal. Man is ignorant of death and eternal life. In the White Throne Judgment, our loving God will offer salvation to all who have not already rejected God's purpose for them. Most will be saved. 

A Glimpse Into Eternity
Andy Burnett

The verses in Revelation 21-22 allow us to take a peek at what things will be like when “Behold, I make all things new.” Why does God give us this glimpse? How should these words impact us now?