2022 New Braunfels, Texas Festival Messages

2022 President's Sermon

October 9

Orientation for the Feast
David Treybig

In this message we will review planet Earth’s unique position in the universe, mankind’s unique position among life on earth, the unique position we are in for having been called by God and the unique opportunity we have during the Feast to learn about a wonderful future.

October 13

Laborers for the Harvest
Steven D. Moody

The firstfruits are handpicked by God the Father to serve under His firstborn Son in the Millennium. Jesus Christ is right now preparing the positions in God’s coming government in which He wishes us to serve.

October 14

Everything You Could Ever Want
David Gatley

The old Sears Catalogue, Amazon, the internet...offering everything to mankind, but what is it that we should really want? God has given us so much already and has so much more to give. That is everything we could ever want!

Making a Difference
James Ellis

There are two principles that can help young people in the Church make a difference in the world right now as well as in the future. Prepare yourself to lead and set a good example.

When the Unknown God Becomes Known
Bruce Gore

Paul’s message to the Athenians about their worship of an unknown god reaches far into the future. It’s an incredible message of the removal of the blindness currently affecting most of mankind.

October 16

The Second Exodus: Bringing God’s People Home
Ken Giese

The fate of Israel and the fate of all nations are intertwined. It is not a matter of salvation for Israel and judgment for other nations—it is a matter of judgment and salvation for all nations and all people. Imagine welcoming billions into God’s family!

October 17

Steven D. Moody

The vast bulk of humanity will be judged when this day is a reality. They will be judged just as we are being judged now. So, what is judgment? Jesus Christ judges all to see if they are becoming like Him, as the Father said being “conformed to the image of His Son.” Are we truly growing in righteousness?