2022 Greenville, South Carolina Festival Messages

2022 President's Sermon

October 9

Living the World Tomorrow at the Feast
Ron Kelley

We’re here to picture the righteous rule of Jesus Christ and the saints. We live together, play together, eat together, rejoice together, and go to Church together. We keep the Feast with a purpose. Capture the vision of what the Millennium will be like and rejoice.

October 10

The Comfort to Come
John Foster

Humanity will have experienced horrific trauma prior to the return of Christ, and all will need to be comforted and encouraged. The physical senses will have been assaulted, and they will need to be healed as well, and they will be! 

October 12

For the Former Things Have Passed Away
Paul Luecke

In Revelation 21:4 God promises that death, sorrow, crying and pain will pass away. The cessation of these will come by a process that begins in the Millennium, as one problem after another progressively becomes history.  

October 13

That Was Then, This Is Now
Tom Schultz

By transporting years into the Millennium and then looking back at mankind’s failures in their attempt to govern themselves, we will better appreciate the complete transformation that the rule of Jesus Christ will have brought during the Millennium.

October 14

Of Such a Heart
Eric Evans

The testimonies of ancient Israel reveal how their hearts failed them in their love to God. King David’s testimonies reveal what God desires and what David was able to achieve. We can learn from these testimonies and possess that same heart today. And God will change the hearts of Israel in the future.

October 15

Hope for the Future
Leon Walker

I will contrast the world as it is today and the world as it will be under the reign of Christ. The Bible describes the world as it is today. Why is the world like this? Because mankind has rejected God. But there is hope. Our hope is the Kingdom of God. The reign of Christ contrasts greatly from this world.

October 16

850 Years In
Chris Moen

The seventh day of the Feast parallels 850 years into the Millennium, and there will still be much work to do! Are you and I preparing now for our role in helping guide great numbers of potential sons and daughters for God’s Kingdom?

Teach? Who Me?
Drew Tranquada

We, as God’s firstfruits are called to be teachers. Teachers learn by studying and by experience. As teachers in the Millennium, we will draw from our experiences in this life, as well as from the experiences of those who have gone before us to help us teach.

October 17

Enduring and the Restoration of All Things
Tom Kirkpatrick

When we contemplate, believe and embrace the truths we have heard during the last eight days, it gives us the motivation and strength to endure all the challenges we will face in the upcoming year.

Those Sad Stories Are Not So Sad
Ron Kelley

This day pictures the resurrection of all who ever lived. What is God’s reaction when people die? God views death different from us because He can bring back the dead. Everyone will have a chance to enjoy the blessings of God. God will bring a new heaven and a new earth.