2022 Branson, Missouri Festival Messages

2022 President's Sermon

September 13

Israel’s Role in the Millennium
Nathan Willoughby

God will use Israel, His chosen people, as an example for all other nations during the Millennium. The way of God will spread from Jerusalem. 

October 10

Welcome to Our World
Mike Blackwell

We will be excited when the Kingdom of God finally comes. But the vast majority of mankind will be terrified and need lots of compassion, patience and encouragement to transition from the world today to the world tomorrow.

October 12

Keep Your Head in the Boat
Nathan Willoughby

What we are learning today is preparing us to rule, teach, guide and serve in the world tomorrow—but to succeed, we must keep our head in the boat.

October 13

Called to Greatness
Dennis Fultz

On Youth Day, we’ll draw examples from the life of David. Like David, the youth of God’s Church today are also being called to greatness in the Kingdom of God.

October 15

Restoration of All Things
Mike Blackwell

The world tomorow is prophesied to be a time when the restoration of all things will take place. Several things will be restored. How does the process of restoration work? It takes vision, hard work and patience to restore an item.

October 16

Will You Be There?
Dennis Fultz

Millions of human beings will live into the 1,000-year reign of Christ and His saints. These people will need help with basic needs, comfort and encouragement as God’s saints teach them God’s way of life. We need to prepare for this time—prepare to be there!

October 17

Fight the Good Fight
Caleb Froedge

Many nominal Christians wholeheartedly believe they have a mission to fight for others to be “saved.” Is this the good fight, or does God have a different plan of salvation for mankind? When will everyone know what the good fight is, and when will they join in the good fight of faith?

Giving Account in the Day of Judgment
David Johnson

Through the cycle of holy days, we have been entrusted with truths the world cannot understand. Being entrusted implies both responsibility and accountability. Two parables teach lessons about our accounting to God. How can we look forward to giving account to Jesus Christ for what He has entrusted to us?