2021 Tucson, Arizona Festival Messages

2021 President's Sermon

September 24

A Restoration of All Things
Wes Cohron

Acts 3:21 speaks of a future time in which all things will be restored. What would you like to see restored? In this Bible study, we will discuss some of the things that will be restored at the return of Jesus Christ.

September 26

Family in Two Phases
Paul Carter

In a beginning, God began to develop a family through the creation of man. He is expanding that family, and the holy days reveal how that family will continue to expand throughout His plan!

September 28

Answers to Questions of the Formerly Dead
Tom Kirkpatrick

This is a summary of the prophetic meaning of the Last Great Day—i.e., the “second resurrection”—involving the vast majority of all those who have ever lived, but without knowledge of the true God. It includes suggested answers to some of the questions these resurrected individuals will ask after they are resurrected.