2021 Orange Beach, Alabama Festival Messages

2021 President's Sermon

September 20

What Did You Bring to the Feast?
Doug Johnson

We come to God’s Feast to be refreshed in His truth and plan for all mankind. Let’s be sure we didn’t bring “the world” with us! And let’s be sure we came prepared to glean as much as possible to propel us forward into the future God has in store.

September 21

Hope in the World Tomorrow
Doug Horchak

Hope is a feeling most humans have. It is vital in order for humans to thrive and survive. God gives us the greatest hope humans can have through our understanding of His plan. The Feast of Tabernacles is a powerful reinforcement of the hope God gives to His people.

September 23

Message to the Scattered Brethren
Phil Sandilands

Read 1 Peter as if an elderly apostle Peter were writing to God’s Church today, encouraging us as scattered brethren to be faithful sojourners, holding to the faith we have been given until we are gathered at the return of Christ.

September 24

Kings and Priests in the Millennium
Gary McConnaughey

Jesus wanted to motivate us to endure until the end by making us promises of eternal life and more. He promised to make us kings and priests. What are the functions of kings and priests? What are they going to be doing during the Millennium? What are the roles of kings and priests?

September 25

Which Horse Will You Ride?
Britton Taylor

At His first coming Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey. At His second coming He will ride on a white horse. This sermon will explore both events and show their importance and how they apply to our role during the millennial reign of Jesus Christ.

September 27

How Could This Happen?
Doug Johnson

Ezekiel prophesies something that’s very difficult to understand—a rebellion against God’s way as the millennial reign of Christ is ending! How is that possible after 1,000 years of stability and peace? The answer? The kind of life God wants His children to live—physical and spirit!


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