2021 Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Festival Messages

2021 President's Sermon

September 20

Don’t Leave Anything Behind
Don Henson

We’re finally here after months of preparation. But did you forget anything? What we take home from the Feast is even more important than what we brought with us. Start planning now for what you’ll take home from the Feast this year.

September 21

Feast of Tabernacles
Leon Walker

Keeping the Feast of Tabernacles reminds us annually of God’s plan. Temporary dwellings remind us that we are pilgrims in this world. We are to rejoice in the Feast, symbolic of the peace and tranquility that will exist in the Millennium. We must keep our vision and focus on the coming Kingdom of God.

September 23

Renewing the Zeal of the Millennium
Ron Kelley

What has inspired some who were called decades ago to stay motivated when so many have left? It takes a clear vision of the reality of the millennial reign of Jesus Christ and our part as co-heirs to maintain that zeal. How do we recapture the zeal for God’s Kingdom if we have lost it—or never had it?

September 25

We Will Rule In Love
Mark D Winner

God is in the process of preparing His firstfruits to rule in love with Jesus Christ. The time is coming when people will learn about the true God. They will embrace Him and His love and have peace.

What Will It Be Like to Be Like God?
Ron Kelley

We try to imagine the glory that we will have in the God family. But in the Millennium, the glorified saints will be interacting with the surviving human beings who live on into that time. How will we as God beings then interact with humans? We’ll review biblical examples of God interacting with mankind.

September 26

Let There Be Peace
Eric Evans

In order to restore peace with the Prince of Peace, we must truly understand and grow in peace.

September 27

Eyes to See and Ears to Hear
Bill Johnson

We need to have eyes to see and ears to hear spiritually. Then God can use us to say “This is the way walk in it.” If we listen to God and obediently overcome, we will learn to be leaders in the Kingdom of God, mentoring and coaching those God is calling in the Millennium.

How Far Will Your Light Shine?
Mark Hampton

We are to imitate Jesus Christ so that our lights shine throughout the world during the Millennium and beyond. But our ability to reach people in the future will be impacted by how well we overcome sin in the present.

September 28

The Last Great Day—Second Resurrection
Dave Baker

One of the most difficult questions for theologians to answer is the question of “What will happen to those who have never accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior?” Will they be condemned forever? Or will God simply judge their hearts? What does the Bible teach?

Knowing These Things Beforehand
Don Henson

At the conclusion of his description of the Day of the Lord in 2 Peter 3, Peter urges us that since we “know this beforehand” to beware that we not fall from our steadfastness. As we return home, let’s consider what the fall holy days picture and be prepared to face the challenges that are ahead.