2021 Lancaster, Pennsylvania Festival Messages

2021 President's Sermon

September 20

The Plague of the Heart
Kevin Epps

Solomon told everyone to pray about the “plague of his own heart” (1 Kings 8:38). This was during the fall festival season. And we should continue to do this today, during the Feast and at all times.

September 23

The Kingdom and the Kids’ Table
Zach Smith

As children get older, they might resent being placed at the children’s table and not being fully included in the festivities. There will be no “kids’ table” in the Kingdom of God, but a full seat at God’s family table for each of the firstfruits, whether young or old.

September 24

Only God’s Government Works
Andrew Tranquada

The current governments of the world cannot give good benefits to everyone they govern. Only God’s government can give true benefits to all it governs. When God’s government is on this Earth, we will see wonderful results.

September 27

God’s Family Album of Faith
Chris Moen

God holds a very precious “family album” called the Book of Life. It is the registry of the names of the faithful who will be in God’s eternal family. In three different phases of human history names will added to this “album.”

September 28

When Waiting Becomes Waited
Zach Smith

Waiting is part of our calling, and the people of God have been collectively waiting for centuries. But it’s important to remember that waiting is temporary. One day “waiting” will become “waited.”


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