2021 Kohala Coast, Hawaii Festival Messages

2021 President's Sermon

September 23

Neither Shall They Learn War Anymore
Matt Zollner

This message will contrast the mind-set of war today with that of peace in the Millennium and present a few ideas of how Isaiah 2:4 may be fulfilled.

Patiently Wait Upon the Lord
David Gatley

Great things come to those who wait! We pray “Thy Kingdom come” every day, but we must wait and endure to the end to see God’s answer to that prayer.

September 24

Your Kingdom Come!
Nathan Willoughby

Jesus Christ told us to pray, “Your kingdom come.” Do we truly desire God’s Kingdom to be established over this earth? If we do, how do we respond?

Your Two Trees Moment
David West

We all have the choice of whether we will eat from the tree of life or the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. This message will review the importance of these two trees and the impact they have on humanity past, present and future.

September 25

Millennium or Kingdom of God?
David Register

As we celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles, are we focusing on the physical or the spiritual? Is it the Millennium or the Kingdom of God? Or is it both? If we are celebrating both, what is the difference between the Millennium and the Kingdom of God?

September 26

Called to the Family of God
David Gatley

The process of our calling varies from person to person, but we are all at the Feast because we have been called. We have responsibilities to answer that invitation and live a God-centered life, but we also have future responsibilities as God beings in the Kingdom of God!

September 28

The Last Great Day and Beyond…
Nathan Willoughby

Many today don’t believe God is fair, merciful or loving—or that He even exists. But, oh, how the minds of men and women will change at the time of the second resurrection. This will all come about by the amazing things they will learn about God and the future He has in store for them.


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