2021 Anchorage, Alaska Festival Messages

2021 President's Sermon

September 21

Life in the Millennium—What It Might Be Like
Ken Giese

What will life be like in the Millennium? Will the “endless growth” model of capitalism, the four industrial revolutions of mechanical production, science and mass production, digital technology, and the merging of man and machine become the foundation of Christ’s 1000-year reign on the earth?

Why Are We Here? Hope Fufilled
Jon Pinelli

Mankind struggles with feelings of hopelessness. Whether it is trying to make ends meet financially, keeping their families safe or just having a sense of purpose, many feel that their lives are a dead end. This message will encompass three fulfillments of hope during the Millennium.

September 23

God Will Shake the Nations
James Capo

Prophecy reveals that in the Millennium, valleys will be exalted and mountains will be made low. What is the purpose of this “terra-forming” by God? This message looks at the physical and environmental changes that will be coming in the world tomorrow.

September 25

How Can God Use Me?
Jon Pinelli

We can go through life wondering how our job or career relates to what we will be doing in the Millennium.  Likewise, we can struggle with trials and our own imperfections and wonder, “How can God use me?” This message will serve to inspire and show us how God can and will use us.

September 26

The Golden Ticket
Chuck Sinon

Follow the parallels found in the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and our own calling. In the movie five chosen children are given a golden ticket with the opportunity to receive a lifetime of Wonka chocolate.

The Last Frontier
Jason Hyde

This message compares a historical exploration with the Christian experience of keeping the Feast of Tabernacles.

September 27

Eternity in Our Hearts
Mike Bennett

This wonderful, temporary Feast is designed to inspire us to want more—eternity in the family of God!

The Lamb That Covers; the Lamb That Brings Life
Royden Morgan

Jesus Christ came to this earth to cover our sins through His sacrifice. Jesus Christ also came to bring life and life more abundantly.

September 28

The Substance of Things Hoped For
David Johnson

All of these wonderful pictures of a new world are great, but how do we really know they will actually come about? What is the ultimate foundation of our beliefs about a new world? We must know not only what is coming, but why we can stake our lives on that vision.