2020 Tucson, Arizona Festival Messages

2020 President's Sermon

October 2

Welcome to the Feast—A Song of Ascents
Paul Carter

Why are you here? God has prepared something special for you this week. Have you come to the Feast with an excitement to be filled with a spiritual Feast?

October 4

This, Too, Shall Pass
David Register

The Feast of Tabernacles (booths) reminds us of the temporary nature of this life and helps us focus on the spiritual and permanent millennial reign of Jesus Christ coming in the future.

October 5

Depend on God Every Day
Jim Franks

One of the major lessons for ancient Israel was to learn to depend on God every day. This is also one of the major lessons for us to learn during this Feast of Tabernacles.

October 6

The Work of God, the Feast and You
Scott Lord

The expression “Work of God” is used often. In this message, we’ll spend a little time looking at what it is, what part the Feast plays in it, and how our young people are involved.

October 8

Behold I Make All Things New
Larry Neff

Newness is a theme that is evident in all the holy days and will have special meaning during the Millennium and beyond. Physical things and our bodies are temporal. That which is spiritual is eternal. We’ll use a historical example of something that was prominent but is no more.

Hosea, Prophet of Hope
James Capo

The catalog of sins Hosea decries in his prophecy reads like the headlines from today’s newspapers. While Hosea prophesies of God’s punishment to come, he also gives strong hope for the deliverance and restoration to come. Our millennial hope is a main theme of Hosea, a prophet of hope.

October 10

The Hand of the Diligent
David Register

What will we do with the messages we have heard this year at the Feast? How will the spiritual inspiration and admonition we have heard actually affect the way we live throughout the coming year? This sermon focuses on the practical application of the Festival messages after the Feast.


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