2020 Park City, Utah Festival Messages

2020 President's Sermon

October 3

Can You See Me?
Mark Whynaucht

With the world in turmoil, what better theme or vision can we have in our minds as we go into the Feast of Tabernacles and Last Great Day?  We need to ask ourselves, as we keep this Feast, “Do we see God more clearly?”  Even more importantly, I believe God is asking us, “Can you see Me?”

We Have What They Need
Doug Horchak

The world is a mess. So many people are looking for answers to the problems and challenges of life and mankind. God has given us secret knowledge and understanding—a plan and way of life that speak to the needs of this world.

October 5

Our Future Glory That Surpasses Suffering
Greg Sargent

At the beginning of the Millennium, the firstfruits of God will be glorified, immortal spirit beings. Our glorified bodies will be like Jesus Christ’s. With that hope, we Christians purify ourselves through Christ in us, our hope of glory. The sufferings of overcoming sin will not compare to our glorified bodies.

October 6

Eyes on the Horizon!
Clyde Kilough

A personal experience of being on rough seas taught a great lesson about navigating life. We live in a rough world that will toss us around, and having our eyes set on God’s Kingdom is the only thing that can keep us stable.

October 7

Example and the World Tomorrow
Doug Horchak

What does one’s “example” have to do with the Feast of Tabernacles and the Millennium? This message discusses our personal examples and their impact on our lives and those of others as we prepare for the return of Christ and His millennial rule in the future.

October 8

There’s a Great, Big, Beautiful Tomorrow
Tom May

This message explores four key institutions that will be restored during the millennial rule of Christ: government, family, economy and religion/education. These will provide a framework for peace and abundance in the world tomorrow.

Vision With Action Leads to Perfection
Bill Johnson

God gives us the vision to seek first the Kingdom of God. When we have faithful action showing our faith, it will lead to perfection, being in the Kingdom and family of God.

October 9

The End of the Millennium
David Baker

In Revelation 20 we are told that Satan must be released for a little while at the end of the Millennium. When he is released, he goes out to deceive the nations and worldwide deception occurs. How can this possibly happen?

October 10

The Last Great Day and Our Responsibility as Leaders
Mark Whynaucht

We are called to go on to perfection. The role that God has in mind for us as individuals requires that we learn to make right decisions to be able to rule soundly and intelligently in the future. This is the training ground that you and I are now in.


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