2020 Orange Beach, Alabama Festival Messages

2020 President's Sermon

October 3

Ignore the Rearview Mirror
Phil Sandilands

Don’t let the distractions of this year cause you to lose focus on the meaning of the Feast.

The Coin of the Realm
Britton Taylor

Feast of Tabernacles sermon that addresses two most important aspects of the Feast.

October 4

Will the Kingdom Come Soon Enough—or Too Soon?
Paul Luecke

Do we want God's Kingdom to arrive when OUR life is ready for it, or as soon as possible for the sake of the whole world? What are some things each of us--of all ages--have to look forward to in the Kingdom?

October 5

Keep Your Eyes on the Horizon
Nathan Willoughby

To be able to endure to the end, we must be focused on what really matters. The health of our spiritual lives demands a horizon, and we will not become discouraged or spiritually fatigued as long as we can see far enough!

October 6

Seek First the Kingdom
Wes Cohron

Some people have a bucket list of things that they would like to accomplish before this fleeting life is over. Do you have a bucket list? Does God have a bucket list for you and me? Is the Kingdom of God at the top of our bucket list?

October 10

It Is Done!
Jim Franks

In Revelation 21 an announcement is made: It is done! The new heaven and the new earth are introduced. This is after the Great White Throne Judgment period. What is the meaning of the Great White Throne Judgment and the Eighth Day?


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