2020 Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Festival Messages

2020 President's Sermon

October 3

Making This Your Father’s Feast
Ron Kelley

Why do we rejoice? We can celebrate a spiritual Feast. Understanding God’s plan is a reason to rejoice.  We’ll rehearse some of the conditions that will exist as the world begins to live under the government of God.  We are learning to change the world!

Isaiah 61:3—A Scripture for Today and Tomorrow
Arnold Hampton

The three descriptions in the verse in the NIV are the outline of the message: 1. The crown of beauty instead of ashes (victory). 2. The oil of gladness instead of mourning (joy). 3. A garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair (a focus of God). These descriptions apply to the future and the present.

October 5

What Is Our Inheritance?
Jim Haeffele

The subject of inheritance is spoken of over 300 times in the Bible. This Feast is all about our inheritance. God reveals that we are promised an eternal inheritance. We are here at this Feast to learn more about our inheritance.

October 7

Preparing Today to Teach the World Tomorrow
Tom Schultz

In order to teach God’s Word to the world during the Millennium, we will have to have a good understanding of what we believe. We do that by familiarizing ourselves with God’s Word, internalizing God’s Word by studying daily, and realizing God’s Word by applying what we study.

October 9

Do You See With Clarity the Kingdom of God?
David Jackson

On this last day of the Feast of Tabernacles, do we see with better clarity the Kingdom of God? In this life, God provides clarifying moments. And during the Feast, God has graciously blessed us to see our calling, His purpose, our training, and His work with better clarity than before. Do you see it?

October 10

Wow, Yesterday Wasn’t the Only Day of Salvation!
Larry Lambert

Those resurrected in the second resurrection will awaken to an incredibly different world than the world they lived in during their first, physical life. One realization they will quickly come to is that the time during their first physical existence was not the only day of salvation, as many of them had been taught.


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