2020 Kerrville, Texas Festival Messages

2020 President's Sermon

October 2

Let’s Go Up to the Mountain
Ken Giese

The dramatic change in the nature of the animal kingdom will signal a fundamental change in the environment in which those who live over into the millennial reign of Jesus Christ will be living. How will this change impact their choices?

October 5

Learn to Fear the Lord
David Treybig

Deuteronomy 14:23 tells us that one of the reasons for keeping the Feast of Tabernacles is so we may learn to fear God always. In this message I will cover what it means to fear God, what people who fear God do and how fearing God increases or decreases.

October 6

“Save the Planet” vs. Healing the Land
Andy Burnett

Contrary to the approaches of the various “save the planet” movements in society, we will look at how Jesus Christ saves the planet and heals the land while focusing on how God actually intends for humanity to be tied to the land.

Amos and Us
Ralph Levy

Back in the eighth century BC the prophet Amos indicted the nations of the Middle East for their sins and then suffered persecution for his message. His experience—and his message—have much to tell us.

October 9

The Miracle of Human Life, and Our Potential
Ralph Levy

Is human nature good or bad? And if natural human beings, not endowed with the Spirit of God, can accomplish good things, what does that say for us, God’s children in whom dwells His Holy Spirit? Natural human life is a miracle, but so is conversion and membership in the family of God.

October 10

God’s Righteous Judgment
Jim Servidio

The Great White Throne Judgment is the time when the vast majority of mankind will receive an opportunity to accept the sacrifice of Christ and truth of God through a second resurrection.

Judgment: Where It Begins and How It Ends
Ken Giese

If God is the God of the living, if He is not willing that any should perish and desires that all come to repentance, how does He plan to achieve those goals, especially in the lives of billions whose eyes were blinded to His truths?


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