2020 Branson, Missouri Festival Messages

2020 President's Sermon

October 3

The Feast of Tabernacles and Hope
Tom Clark

With all the hopelessness in the world today, it is important we understand the message of hope in the Bible—specifically the wonderful hope pictured by the Feast.

No One Shall Make Them Afraid
Joel Meeker

People around the world today are increasingly living in fear. As we look forward to a millennial world without fear, what can we do today to master our fears and to live in confidence?

October 4

Leon Walker

Our vision is the Kingdom of God. In order for it to be a reality and not just a dream, we must do something. Repentance and change are necessary. Our vision also gives us hope to meet the obstacles and trials of our life.

October 5

Why Temporary Dwellings?
Justin Adkins

Is the aspect of living in temporary dwellings really that important to the Feast? We’re instructed in Leviticus 23 to keep the Feast in a temporary dwelling. Is there a symbolism here that is important, other than God said so? We will explore the links between these temporary dwellings and the future Millennium.

Brethren Around the World-Latin America and French-Speaking Areas
Leon Walker & Joel Meeker

Seminars about how coronsvirus has impacted our members in Latin America and stories of our members in the French-speaking areas of the world.

October 6

Gratitude—A Key Millennial Component
Ken Treybig

Zechariah 8:4-5 shows a warm, intergenerational family dynamic being displayed. Gratitude will be a key component of that, and we should be practicing and teaching it now, as we have an opportunity to do so.

October 7

Planet Earth: Restoration of a Tired, Abused Planet
Mike Blackwell

At the beginning of the Millennium, the earth will be virtually in ruin due to 6,000 years of man’s abuse and the events culminating in the return of Christ. Yet we find that the earth will become like the Garden of Eden. Several colossal changes will take place to restore the earth to its former glory.

God’s Protection Now and in the Millennium
Caleb Froedge

The protection that God provides His people in this life is inspiring to focus on.  There are many examples that exude God’s protection and make it easy to see that we are sheep in God’s pasture and care. What will it look like when all of mankind will dwell in God’s loving and protective care?

October 8

Our Future Abode
Bernard Hongerloot

God’s reality is replete with billions of powerful spirits ministering to those to receive salvation. We are destined to rub shoulders with angels and a host of fantastic and magnificent creatures. Let’s reflect on our future powers and get better acquainted with … the rest of the family!

October 10

Will Stanley Gross Live Again?
John Foster

In 1944, a plane disappeared, and one passenger, Stanley Gross, was declared missing in action. His later confirmed death was a grief to the family. Will he live again? This sermon covers the meaning of the Eighth Day—the hope for humanity.

Lord, Increase Our Faith
Michael Hanisko

This sermon is about a vital principle that will be taught by the resurrected saints and which will be instrumental in transforming human beings in the World Tomorrow.  It is a principle that we in God’s Church must understand and live today in order to grow in faith and endure to the end of the age.


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