Elmina, Ghana

Site Description

The Feast for 2023 in Ghana will be held in the coastal town of Elmina. Good hotels are available for visitors in town and conveniently located to the Feast site. In addition to the beach, Elmina has the oldest sub-Saharan European built structure—the Elmina Castle. Originally built to house gold and produce for shipment back to Europe, it was later converted into a slave castle. The town of Cape Coast is only 15 minutes away, and holds another well-preserved slave castle. Within an hour’s drive is the Kakum National Park, which features a suspended bridge walkway where visitors are able to walk up into the canopy of the rainforest on secured bridges.

The exchange rate from US dollars is very favorable, making Ghana an attractive Feast site location for any who would like to meet about 600 of your African brethren for the Feast!

Visitors who wish to keep the Feast in Ghana should contact Tom Clark to register and obtain travel and hotel information. You may reach him by email at [email protected]Tom Clark

Tom Clark