2022 Lancaster, Pennsylvania Festival Messages

2022 President's Sermon

October 9

Go In to Get Out
Chad Messerly

“Go In” to the Feast ready, eager, determined to … “Get Out” of the Feast everything you can.

October 10

Out of Zion
Kevin Epps

Zion will be established as a focal point for many important things during the Millennium. This message will consider some of the things that will come out of Zion. Hopefully, these lessons will inspire and enlighten our Festival experience.

October 12

Knowledge Shall Increase—How About Yours?
Zach Smith

A beautiful part of the Millennium that we look forward to is the opening of minds and increase of the knowledge of God and His way. But who will be affected by that increase in understanding? Just the humans who will still be physical during the Millennium? Or will it include us too?

October 13

The Long Journey Home
Chad Messerly

We have a remarkable journey ahead of us as we look to the 1,000-year reign of Jesus Christ and further on to the Kingdom of God.

October 14

Scott Lord

Great spiritual lessons may be learned from the study of cobblestone building—lessons about our role as being part of the temple of God.

Water and the Feasts of God
Blaney Sproul

Water literally and symbolically flows through the festivals of God. Water plays an important role.  It is necessary for human survival. Water is familiar to all humans. God uses water throughout His plan within His Feast.

October 16

The Intent and Benefit of the Feast
Blaney Sproul

The intent of the Feast is to bring us out of this world to the place God chooses to keep His Festival, picturing the 1,000-year reign of Jesus Christ on this earth to restore all things—a complete restoration. The benefit is for us (His people) to capture a vision of tomorrow’s world with a hope for that vision.

October 17

The Death of Death Itself
Zach Smith

The fulfillment of this last festival will bring about the resurrection of “the rest of the dead.” But it is not just the physical resurrection of the rest of mankind that we look forward to, but the fulfillment of other subsequent events that will lead to the death of death itself.

For Ever and Ever
Scott Lord

1 Corinthians 15 has a verse that speaks to an enigmatic verse in Ecclesiastes. What is the connection between God setting “eternity in the hearts of men” and “then comes the end”?


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