2022 Kohala Coast, Hawaii Festival Messages

2022 President's Sermon

October 10

Lessons from Temporary Dwellings
Gary Black

At the Feast we reside in tabernacles—temporary dwellings. Why is that important, and what lessons can we learn?

October 12

Healing in the Millennium
Ken Treybig

God promises great healing in the millennial reign of Christ and the saints—healing the blind, deaf and lame. But how and when will that happen? Will it be instantaneous for everyone around the world on day one? What can we infer about all the other healing that will be needed—emotional and spiritual?

October 13

A Time to Heal and a Time to Build Up
Jeff Baker

As the Millennium begins with Christ as King and His saints working with Him, much work will be required to heal and encourage those who survive the tribulation. Our work will include healing, teaching and enlightening them on God’s truth and His purpose for man.