2020 Post Falls, Idaho Festival Messages

2020 President's Sermon

October 2

Why Are We Here—Man Cannot Direct His Own Steps
Jon Pinelli

The recent violence and chaos of 2020 is just a continuation of 6,000 years of man’s existence on earth. He has thrown various forms of government, programs and money at all of the problems he has faced. But he has failed miserably.  Why?

October 3

Teaching in the Kingdom of God
Bruce Gore

We will assist Christ in the Millennium in teaching all who live at that time. It’s an opportunity we should be excited about. How and what we teach may be different than what we might have expected.

October 5

Laying the Foundation to Eternity
Tim Waddle

We long to hear "...well done good and faithful servant." Then we will be given authority to rule. What will it be like when, in the world tomorrow, all rulers and leaders will base rulership upon spiritual living principles? We must develop these principles today in laying a foundation for eternity.

October 7

Qualities of an Effective Teacher
Bruce Gore

There are teachers and teaching methods that are very effective, and there are those that are not. Here are some of the qualities that make a teacher effective.

October 9

What the World Needs Now and In The Millennium
Tim Waddle

Who has never experienced discouragement? Who has never needed encouragement? Imagine humanity living over into the millennium. They will need encouragement. Let God encourage you and develop you into an encourager of others.

October 10

Just One More Day
Jon Pinelli

We have heard about our role in the coming Millennium and the rule of Jesus Christ during these past seven days. And now we get ready to enter back into “the world.”  We must continue our journey to the fulfillment of the reality of entering the Kingdom of God.