2020 Fort Myers, Florida Festival Messages

2020 President's Sermon

October 3

Honor the King Who Brings Peace to Earth
Richard Thompson

Planet earth needs peace, and peace in abundance! There is Someone who waits for the proper time, the proper season. And as that time draws nearer, the One who is worthy of all praise and honor—Jesus Christ the King of Kings—is more than capable and fully prepared to bring peace to all the earth.

October 5

Looking Up!
Mike Bennett

Things in this world are on a downward spiral, but God tells us to look up! We prepare for the Kingdom by looking up now. And everything in this world will begin looking up when Jesus Christ returns.

October 6

SWAYG—So, Where Are You Going?
David Jackson

The question is often asked, “Why are you here?” I want to ask a different question, “So, where are you going?” If your answer is that you are headed for eternal life in the Kingdom of God, then I have another question: Are you doing what you must to get there?

October 8

The Church That Built Me (and You)
Dennis Garland

Just as our childhood home and memories formed us into who we are today, likewise God’s Church has also formed who we are spiritually. That’s what we will see as we take a look into the past, present and future of the Church that built me ... (and you).

October 9

The End of the Curse
Lee Page

This message examines the effects of the curse of Genesis 3 and how dramatically life will change once the curse is lifted.

October 10

His Mercy Endures Forever
Mike Bennett

This sermon examines God’s mercy and how this Last Great Day is the ultimate expression of His mercy that endures forever. It concludes by looking at what our merciful Father wants us to learn from His mercy.


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