2019 Spokane, Washington Festival Messages

2019 President's Sermon

October 13

Let There Be Peace on Earth
Jon Pinelli

Why are we here for seven days? Man through his actions over 6,000 years, has made it clear that he cannot bring about true, lasting world peace. In his attempt to bring about peace, what we witness is just the opposite. Territorial battles, ethnic cleansing, greed and want for supremacy. The way of war must be deprogrammed from man. True peace must be taught to mankind. With Jesus Christ at the helm, true peace will be taught and practiced.

October 14

The End of Homelessness
David Johnson

Being homeless is much more than lacking shelter, it includes the lack of all that goes into the relationships that constitute a home. While there are over 90-million homeless people today, there will be many more at the beginning of the millennium. Jesus Christ and the saints will be tasked with restoring the family for the very first generation to live into the millennium. What will this mean and how does it affect our lives today?

October 16

The Truth Will Set Mankind Free
Don Henson

Satan's world is based on deception, lies, misdirection and confusion on every level. When Jesus returns He will rebuild the world on the foundation of truth and purpose. Truthfulness is at the core of God's character - as those He has called out of this age, it is a quality He expects to become part of our character.

October 17

The Rewards of the Narrow Path
David J Treybig

To encourage our young people to seize the opportunity they have now, and the benefits both in this life and in the coming kingdom of God by committing their lives to God. Carpe diem! (This message will be given with a PowerPoint presentation)

October 19

Pilgrim Soldiers
Doug Horchak

D-Day in 1944 pitted the Allied forces on the shores of Normandy pitted in a battle to subdue the Nazi regime. There was no "plan B"--they had to succeed. In like manner, in our temporal role as Christians we are soldiers of Jesus Christ preparing for a fighting a battle representing the kingdom...the government to come


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