2019 San Diego, California Festival Messages

2019 President's Sermon

October 15

Jerusalem—Capital of the World, Tomorrow
Paul Luecke

Christ said “I will again choose Jerusalem” (Zech 1:17; 2:12). Why? What will Jerusalem become like after Christ’s return? We will review the plans God has already drawn up and shared with us about the layout of the area, and the role and wonderful features of the capital city. We will see the new temple and its features, including the river of living waters. We will see Christ’s involvement in Jerusalem and His new temple. [PS: I submitted this online prior to the FOT]

October 16

Pioneers of the Kingdom
Jim Franks

Our country was established because of the vision of the early settlers, the pioneers. The story of the early pioneers who settled the midwest in the 1800s is a remarkable story filled with courageous individuals in the face of extreme hardship. They all had a vision and they were not willing to give up because of hardship. The same can be said of the first apostles. What about us?

October 17

Randal Rapp

All Christians must endure tests and trials in our lives. The concept of this message is that these trials are pre-stressing us for our future service and responsibilities in the Millennium. After enduring those trials, God will know we can handle whatever the responsibility that will come our way in the future.

October 18

An Inheritance to Keep and Use
Steve Villaescusa

Reviewing 3 exciting aspects of our inheritance from God. Preparing to have it, our need to value it, and using it.

The Last Two Chapters
Paul Luecke

What God has in store for the earth, and its future capital city of Jerusalem, is mind-boggling. There is much about the post-Millennial world we cannot know; but the details God has chosen to reveal in the last two chapters of the Bible are truly amazing.

October 19

Training for the Future
Dave Myers

What should a young person be doing to prepare for his or her role in the church today and in the World Tomorrow?

October 21

The Last Great Day
Paul Carter

What does this final Holy Day mean? Why is it different from the previous seven days of the feast of Tabernacles? This sermon looks at the meaning of the Last Great Day! It is a day of purpose, joy, and the final culmination of the plan of God.

Be a Comforter
Dave Myers

Our God is called "the God of all comfort." How can we practice this attribute in preparation for our role in the Kingdom of God?


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