2019 Park City, Utah Festival Messages

2019 President's Sermon

October 13

A Feast of Fat Things
Larry Salyer

God prophesies a time when all peoples will enjoy every good thing. At this Feast we are exhorted to eat, drink and rejoice. We typify both the physical and spiritual feast that God will provide when His government through Christ comes to the earth.

October 14

The Impossible Dream
Doug Horchak

Many a person has dreamed of the impossible, a better world without war, crime, and evil. God's holy days show us the "impossible" is not only possible...but sure.

October 16

A Light Shines On
Greg Swartz

On Family Day at the Feast, I will tell the story of our deacon in Rwanda, Jean Baptiste Sibobugingo, who was the first member in Giti, and the result of the light that shone in him.

October 17

Pilgrim Soldiers
Doug Horchak

D-Day in 1944 pitted the Allied forces on the shores of Normandy pitted in a battle to subdue the Nazi regime. There was no "plan B"--they had to succeed. In like manner, in our temporal role as Christians we are soldiers of Jesus Christ preparing for a fighting a battle representing the kingdom...the government to come

October 18

Follow Me
Neil Hart

I am focusing on Christ's statement in John 14:6 I Am the way, the truth, and the life. If we want eternal life and what the Feast pictures, He tells us to Follow Him.

The Journey
Bill Jahns

Plan to discuss how our journey to the Kingdom is similar to the Israelite journey to the promised land.

October 19

Surrender in the World Tomorrow
Larry Neff

The concept of surrender to God and Christ is a significant Biblical topic even though the word does not appear in scripture. Will discuss several reasons why many or most people will surrender to Jesus Christ in the World Tomorrow.

October 20

Peace and the Millennium
Bill Jahns

Plan to discuss how peace will change everything in the millennium. Also, how leadership will be improved and produce peace.

October 21

The Rest of the Dead
Jack Hendren

Revelation 20 answers the question, "What about the rest of the dead?" This message presents God's great plan for them.

Converting the World
Larry Salyer