2019 Orange Beach, Alabama Festival Messages

2019 President's Sermon

October 13

The Harvest Moon
Phil Sandilands

The harvest moon allows farmers to reap a larger harvest at the end of the growing season by providing a few extra hours of light at the end of each day. We are the laborers who are being prepared to help with that final harvest. Use this feast to train your hearts to be the best laborer you can be.

October 14

The World Must Come to Believe That He Is
Bruce Gore

Satan has filled the minds of man with the theory of evolution, that there was no Creator. We'll take a look at a few of the proofs of God's existence and how that great lie will no longer affect the thinking of mankind by the time the Millennium begins.

October 16

A Creation Apology
Phil Sandilands

Prepare teens and YAs to defend their belief in creation. The festivals of God point to His master creation. This creation can't be sustained indefinitely without divine intervention. We are preparing for that intervention.

October 17

Zephaniah and the Millennium to Come
David Jackson

The book of Zephaniah provides as prophetic lens to the transformation that will take place in the Millennium as the Saints of God (the firstfruits) work with Jesus Christ to prepare humanity for their place in the House of God: 1) The people will come to know who God is 2) The people will come to obey God 3) The people will come to love God. Three summary step for mankind during the Millennium in their path being in the House of God.

October 18

Have You “Signed on the Dotted Line?”
Doug Johnson

We've all heard of contracts/deals/agreements, both good and bad. God is a God of agreements--called covenants! Are we "signed up" and ready to teach in the future?

October 19

Do We Love the World-Like God Does?
Harold Rhodes

God is certainly interested in His Church, but He is also very much interested in the rest of the world--all of mankind. It's not only about us, it's about God and what He has done, is doing and will yet do for all of humanity. The sermon will focus on how we need to be learning now, how to love the world--the people of this world--like God does. This will help us in preparing to assist Him in reconciling mankind back to Himself during the Millennium and beyond.

October 20

Laborers in the Father’s Vineyard
David Jackson

We are all laborers in the Father’s Vineyard, working towards the Kingdom of God, and we must constantly keep our eyes and mind (our vision) focused on the Kingdom of God until the end of our shift. (Matthew 20:1-16). There are 1) Long time laborers 2) 2nd – 5th Generation laborers 3) Mid-life laborers 4) Nearing end-of-shift laborer. As we labor in the Father’s vineyard, don’t forget to look up.

October 21

When The Plan Is Complete
Gary McConnaughey

The meaning of the Last Great Day and the completion of God's plan for physical mankind.

The Two Trees the Eighth Day and the Red Parking Lot
Doug Johnson

The story of human beings on earth begins and ends with the tree of life. How does it all tie together with the meaning of the last festival of the year? And why is it that most CANNOT understand God's plan until the time of the Great White Throne Judgment?