2019 Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Festival Messages

2019 President's Sermon

October 13

God’s Character Development Program
Tom Schultz

In Psalm 8 David asks, “What is man that God is mindful of him?” I will delve into that question and tie it in with why we come to the Feast. God does have a plan for all mankind, and if we want to be a part of what the Feast pictures, there are certain things we must be doing – chief among those things is developing godly character. With that in mind, I will go through Romans 5 which states, “knowing that tribulation produces perseverance, and perseverance produces character, and character hope.” I call this God's character development program.

October 14

The Feast and the Millennium
John Foster

How can we prove that the Feast of Tabernacles pictures the time of the millennium? How would we answer that? Why do we believe what we do?

October 17

A Foundation of Righteousness
Jeff Baker

Physical foundations and buildings are not permanent. They decay and are subject to destruction. The Kingdom of God will be laid on a foundation of righteousness that will never fail. What God creates spiritually will last forever. It doesn’t decay nor does it break.

October 18

The Cause
Cory Erickson

The world has all kinds of causes for which people will sacrifice and dedicate their lives. We are blessed to be a part of the only true cause that will last and be incredibly successful. It's the cause of God--to add multiple billions to the family of God.

October 19

New and Vastly Improved is on its Way
Mark Winner

The biggest change coming for mankind is the all important change that will occur in the mind of man. This sermon addresses this important and exciting topic.

Christ’s Return and the Millennial Earth
Arnold Mendez

Jesus Christ is going to return to this earth and establish the millennial rule of His kingdom. What will the earth be like immediately before His return and what will happen to the earth as His Kingdom progresses. In this Bible Study we are going to look at the conditions of the Earth before the return of Christ and then we are going to look at how the earth will be transformed into a Paradise a literal Garden of Eden on a Global scale.

October 20

Are We a Light to this Dark World?
Wes Cohron

There are different types of light, but Christ says for us to be THE light. The sermon will cover worldly light versus a true godly light.

October 21

Will Stanley Gross Live Again?
John Foster

In 1944, a plane disappeared and one passenger, Stanley Gross, was declared missing in action. His later confirmed death was a grief to the family. Will he live again? The sermon covers the meaning of the day—the hope for humanity.

Truths I Will Treasure From Now Till Next Feast
Mark Winner

For 8 days we have heard messages pointing us to the future. As we leave the Feast to head home it is important we stay focused on that future by treasuring what God has given us. This sermon shares 5 points of focus God expects us to treasure.


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