2019 Lancaster, Pennsylvania Festival Messages

2019 President's Sermon

October 13

Why We Rejoice and Celebrate at the Feast
Ron Kelley

Why are we really here? Why rejoice at the Feast? It's because of the reality of what it pictures! Jesus Christ proclaims: "Your warfare has ended"! Peace and harmony begin to spread around the world. We're here to practice that and prepare to make it happen as co-heirs with Christ!

October 14

Out of Zion Shall Go Forth the Law
Lyle Welty

The Feast of Tabernacles pictures the wonderful time when Jesus Christ will establish His government on the earth. What will be the foundation of that government? The law of God will set the stage for "the restitution of all things".

October 16

The Kingdom in the Gospels
Kevin Epps

Various lessons from unique references to the kingdom in the Gospels will be considered. Even parallel accounts can provided different details that are not covered elsewhere. Some lessons are doctrinal, others are Christian living, and other are inspirational.

October 17

Time From God’s Perspective
Van Hanson

God has a different frame of reference for time than people have. It is important to recognize this difference because 1) it helps better understand scriptures related to the coming Kingdom, 2) better understand the tremendous future that awaits us, 3) help us endure in faith knowing any time of trial is short compared to eternity.

October 18

Ecclesiates and the Feast
Scott Lord

There are three main themes in the book of Ecclesiastes that teach us about the Feast.

October 19

Opposites Attract
Kevin Epps

God uses contrasting words and scenarios in the Bible to teach lessons about His kingdom. Yet none of these things are contradictory. In the regard one might say that opposites attract.

October 21

Last Great Day-A Celebration of Hope
Scott Lord

The Last Great Day is the greatest example of the living hope that God has given us. During this message we'll explore the connection between hope and this wonderful Holy Day


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