2019 Kohala Coast, Hawaii Festival Messages

2019 President's Sermon

October 12

Atonement is a Perfect Transiton to the Feast of Tabernacles
Larry Lambert

Mankind is gullible and is easily deceived by Satan. During the Millennium mankind will not be as gullible due to the step in God's plan that Atonement represents. Satan will not be there to deceive people and they will be able to more easily understand the truth.

October 14

Coming to the Mountain of the Lord
James Capo

God has invited us to His Holy Feast. We come to enjoy the Feast in tropical Hawaii on the sides of an old volcano, a great mountain. It is a blessed and wonderful time, but only a foretaste of the invitation He will extend to all mankind. Imagine when all mankind comes to the Mountain of the Lord to worship the King of kings! How can you make the most of the Feast this year?

The Greatest Gift
David Register

The greatest gift God will give the entire world after Jesus Christ returns to earth and establishes His Kingdom is the Holy Spirit and God's calling. This message explores the prophecies of the universal availability of God's call and His Holy Spirit. Today, it is only given to a few. In God's Kingdom, it will be available to everyone!

October 17

See the Invisible
Bill Johnson

We will have difficulties in life. We need to use the vision of God's Kingdom to draw us closer to Him.

October 18

What’s Your Love Language?
David Register

We have read about, and we talk about our "love language". But, what is God's "love language"? What "love language" will Jesus Christ use in the Millennium? Should we be using and practicing that "love language" now? This message explores the "love language" of the future.

October 20

When Wisdom Will Prevail
James Capo

Proverbs tells us that the glory of a young man is his strength, and for old man, it is his gray head--his wisdom. But imagine in the Kingdom, when even the lame with be strengthened, and the wisdom of God fills the earth! We'll have wisdom and strength together, and all the blessings of both! Youth of the church now have the unique opportunity to experience many of the blessings of the Kingdom, if they apply themselves to learning the wisdom of God today.

October 21

The Most Unique Truth
Larry Lambert

Satan has deceived the world into believing that today is the only day of salvation and as a result many people are tormented over the loss of a loved one, not knowing where they are or what will happen to them. I will show the stark difference between what Satan and his ministers teach vs. the true meaning of the Last Great Day.

Is This the Only Day of Salvation?
Jim Franks

2 Corinthians 6:1-2. Is this the only day of salvation? The holy days tell us a different story. This is not the only day of salvation, but what does that mean? Is there a second chance for some? The answer to these questions is embedded in the fall holy days.


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