2019 Fort Myers, Florida Festival Messages

2019 President's Sermon

October 13

This Feast Will Bring Eternal Joy
Jim Haeffele

You have come to the most joyous Feast of the year. It's meaning and picture is very ancient. It was "seen a far off" before the Flood. Like the angels in the beginning we will "shout for eternal joy" when Christ ushers in His kingdom.

October 14

From a Wilderness Into Eden
Richard Thompson

The end time events prophesied in the Bible indicate a destruction level that circles the globe. Under the leadership of Jesus Christ, the Kingdom of God on earth will be tasked to restore the earth and bring lasting blessings for all its inhabitants. The earth will be transformed from a wilderness to Eden.

October 16

Living Waters Will Flow
Chris Moen

This promised Living Water is key to opening the minds of billions between the coming millennial age and the Great White Throne Judgment period. Beginning in Jerusalem and then influencing the whole earth, God says He will hasten it in its time. Are we thirsting for this fountain of living water?

October 18

You Could Be a Priest
Chris Moen

Could we become priests? Prophecy shows that we will serve as priests, as well as civil rulers. We’ll look at how some of the lessons from the priesthood of Ancient Israel, and from Christ Himself, apply to us now!

October 19

Rebuilding and the Millennium
Marty Miller

What does the Bible say about rebuilding in the Millennium? Who will do the work and what will they work on? What can we learn and apply to our spiritual lives now?

Sharing the Ultimate Boon
Christian Leyden

Numerous scriptures throughout the Bible tell us of our future roles as kings and priests serving alongside Christ in the Kingdom of God. What does this prophecy mean for us now as we continue to walk down our path of conversion?

October 21

Bringing Many to Glory
Chris Moen

This day is about bringing many sons and daughters to glory. We will see how events pictured in the Last Great Day themes began to be revealed in the past, how it unfolds in the future, and how you and I are taking part in the present.

The Feast and the Judgment
Jim Haeffele

Jews and Christian have no idea what the LGD pictures. Jesus reveals some of the purpose of the 8th day in John 7:37-10:21. Jesus shows who is included in this Judgment in the gospels. Finally, the saints will have a part in this Judgment.


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