2019 Branson, Missouri Festival Messages

2019 President's Sermon

October 14

Learning to Fear God at the Feast
Greg Sargent

We come to the Feast to rejoice but also to learn to fear God. The Feast pictures inheriting the Kingdom of God. How does learning to fear God relate to being in God's Kingdom?

Worship at the Feast-and Always
Tom Clark

Worship is an important concept in the Bible, but what does it look like, how important is it to keeping FOT, and how important is it in our daily lives?

October 16

A Good Understanding
Greg Sargent

We are at the Feast to Learn to Fear God. Knowledge is important in order to be saved but we cannot understand the knowledge we receive unless we become a doer of God's law. A good understanding have all those who keep God's commandments.

Like the Appearance of a Rainbow
Caleb Froedge

Presently, the rainbow is not thought of very fondly by most religious conservatives. Obviously, this is because so many in society use the rainbow to symbolize pride and sin in which God calls an abomination. There are some nominal Christians who are trying “reclaim the rainbow”. This sermon uses the rainbow as a tool to help us remember future prophesies of the millennial reign of Christ, while also reminding the youth of God’s plan for mankind.

Unless the Lord Builds the House
Tom Clark

The Church is the most important structure ever built! There are parallels between building a building and building the Church. It is important that we do the best job possible, as opposed to building and remodel efforts we can see on physical buildings.

October 17

How Are We Going to Rule in the Millennium?
Justin Adkins

We’ll be talking about leadership in the World Tomorrow, what that will look like, and how we can be growing in those qualities today. We should be learning to be rulers in the World Tomorrow by following the example of Jesus Christ today.

October 18

The Story of God Told Through the Holy Days
Justin Adkins

We will review the story of God, as seen through the pages of the Bible. We’re going to see what God is doing and we’re going to see that we rehearse those steps every year through the cycle of the Holy Days. The Holy Days tie directly to God’s Plan, and by learning everything we can about them, we can come to a greater appreciation for God, His Holy Days and His great Plan for all of us.

Restoration of Marriage and Family
Mike Blackwell

Two of the biggest things needed will be the restoration of the family and marriage to the way God designed them. Man walked away ffrom this aat Eden and has been going increasingly fast away ever since. What will the family and marriage look like during the millenium

October 19

Our Hope of Righteousness
Greg Sargent

If the kingdom and eternal life is our real goal in life, is living a righteous life our main goal in life or by our actions are we showing God that we have other priorities, ahead of eternal life and the kingdom (Matthew 6:33).How can I tell if I have prioritized my life concerning inheriting God’s kingdom?

October 21

The Eighth Day of the Feast
Tom Clark

The meaning of the Last Great Day - the 8th Day of the Feast