2018 Victoria, British Columbia (cancelled) Festival Messages

2018 President's Sermon

September 23

Rejoice, Again I Say Rejoice
Jon Pinelli

Rejoicing is a key point to the Feast. But it is more than just rejoicing in the moment. It is a time to reflect on past, present, future and rejoice about all three aspects.

September 24

Learn to Fear the Lord Your God Always
Michael Hanisko

Deuteronomy 14:23 instructs us to "learn to fear the Lord your God always." What does it mean to learn to fear the Lord your God always and why does God command us to do so? We will examine each part of this statement: 1) Learn, 2) to fear the Lord your God, 3) Always to understand why it is a beautiful thing which we do during the Feast - to learn to fear the Lord your God always.

September 26

The Promised Land
Ken Giese

What role has land played in the history of mankind and the history of ancient Israel? In our mechanized and technologically advanced 21st century, have we lost sight of the many ways the land connects us to our Creator? What can the land tell us about our Creator and our future as His children?

September 27

Row, Row, Row Your Boat
Doug Johnson

The "Boys in the Boat" 8-oared rowing team from the University of Washington won gold at the Berlin Olympics in 1936, despite many obstacles. Can we apply spiritual lessons of humility, teamwork and understanding the tactics of the enemy to be part of something larger than ourselves, "rowing our boat" and "finishing our race" just as strongly?

September 28

Embracing the Promises
Mike Bennett

By considering stories of vision that helped people survive and do great things, we’ll see how our vision of God’s promised Kingdom can inspire us to survive trials and accomplish great things today. The major example is Peter and the power of the Transfiguration vision on his life.

Family-Building Block of the Millennium
Jack Hendren

Examine how God the Father prepared Jesus’ Family and what Jesus said about the family to understand how the family will be taught and modeled in the millennium.

What Will Life in the Millennium Be Like for Humans?
Doug Johnson

Converted Christians will be resurrected or changed to spirit existence at the return of Jesus Christ. But what about human beings under the reign of the spirit-born Family of God? How will they build character, once Satan is bound? How long will it take for his maligning influence to wane after that "binding?" Will life be "controlled?" Will mistakes, even sin, be allowed?

September 30

Five Dynamic Changes in the Millennium
Michael Hanisko

The Feast of Tabernacles symbolizes the coming Millennial rule of Jesus Christ. The Millennium will bring dramatic changes to the earth and to mankind. This sermon looks at 5 dynamic changes that the coming of the Millennium will bring.

October 1

Somewhere the Hurting Must Stop
Doug Johnson

Terry Fox is, justifiably, a Canadian national hero. His 1980 attempt to run across Canada (after losing a leg to cancer) inspired a nation and raised millions of dollars for cancer research. His death at age 22 sent a nation into mourning. "Somewhere, the hurting must stop," he famously said. God's plan has the answer to human woe, nowhere shown more clearly than in the events foreshadowed by the Last Great Day (the 8th Day). Somewhere, in God's good time, the hurting WILL stop!

Coming Home
Ken Giese

What is it about “home” that beckons us? It has been said that you can never really go back home because things inevitably change and evolve and our childhood memories of home are rarely matched by the reality of the “home” we re-visit as adults. What will it be like to "come home" to our Father's house - the place that He has been preparing for us from the foundation of the world?