2018 San Diego, California Festival Messages

2018 President's Sermon

September 24

Purpose-Driven Life
Doug Horchak

Of all people in the world, those that God has called have every reason to have their lives driven by a profound purpose--preparing for life as a member of the family of God

September 26

Redeeming the Time
Wes Cohron

Daniel 12:4, tells us that prior to the return of Jesus Christ, that many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall increase. There is a Chinese proverb that says, "He who chases two rabbits catches neither one." The Kingdom of God must be our main focus and number one priority! See how we can redeem the time in this busy world.

September 27

You Be the Judge
James Capo

How will you assist Christ--the Righteous Judge--in judging the nations? Judges today often look to “precedent” from previous rulings. We’ll look at God’s book of precedent—the Statutes and Judgments He gave to Israel—to see how we will teach and judge in the world tomorrow. We'll look at three cases involving “you and your neighbor’s ox”—when someone loses it, borrows it, or tries to steal it!--as we gain insight into how to "judge righteous judgment."

September 28

No More Pain or Sorrow
Doug Horchak

God promises a world of "No More Pain, Sorrow, or Tears". God also shows us why great sorrow has defined man's existence and how the return of Jesus Christ and the Millennium will address the CAUSE of man's pain, sorrow, and tears.

Parables of the Kingdom
Paul Carter

The parables Christ gave us of the Kingdom are descriptions of the government of God. The parables describe how individuals will be called to it, how people respond, how that Kingdom will grow, and more.

September 29

A Plan for All Seasons
David Johnson

The traditional ideas about salvation tend to be very short-sighted and leave many questions. God's true plan of salvation as revealed in the annual holy days is intended to include all people, and our focus should be on all people, not just our personal salvation. We must never allow ourselves to think of the church and the world as "us" and "them." Since God annually reminds us that the plan includes all people, that should affect the way we approach all people.

September 30

Paul Carter

We are given a HOPE that we all share in. We are blessed with a vision of the future, and the role that we will play in the Kingdom of God during the Millennium, the Great White Throne Judgment, and even a glimpse into eternity. Do you really understand your incredible human potential? These Feast Days are key to unlocking a potential you may never have realized.

October 1

Stewards of the Mysteries of God
David Johnson

Though Paul was sometimes falsely accused, his desire was to be known simply as a faithful steward of the mysteries of God. The sermon examines what is unique about stewardship and what is meant by the mysteries of God. We have also been given the knowledge of God's mysteries. How can we be faithful stewards of those mysteries, too?