2018 Rapid City, South Dakota Festival Messages

2018 President's Sermon

September 24

A Plan for All Seasons
David Johnson

The traditional ideas about salvation tend to be very short-sighted and leave many questions. God's true plan of salvation as revealed in the annual holy days is intended to include all people, and our focus should be on all people, not just our personal salvation. We must never allow ourselves to think of the church and the world as "us" and "them." Since God annually reminds us that the plan includes all people, that should affect the way we approach all people.

September 26

You Will Hear ‘Well Done’
Gary McConnaughey

God has declared we are His sons. He has declared we will rule with Christ to restore mankind to a right relationship with Him. We will inherit eternity. We need to embrace the future reality and let nothing prevent us from hearing the greatest words anyone could ever hear, “WELL DONE!”

September 27

Basing a Young Life Today on the Ways of Tomorrow
Tom Kirkpatrick

Young people can and should understand that a successful life today is based on the key points of knowledge that will be universally taught (and nearly universally believed) in the Millennium.

September 30

Oh NO! What Now?
Mike Blackwell

Near the end of the Millennium most of mankind will be "in tune" with God's way. But even at this time there will still be people who haven't "bought in" to God's way and plan. They seem to be "biding their time" and haven't committed to being "led by the Spirit." God will allow Satan to be released for a short time and he will deceive them. Why is this part of God's plan. There are three basic reasons.

October 1

After the Feast, Then What?
Tom Kirkpatrick

As we prepare to go home following an uplifting 8 days, what thoughts and truths will it be most helpful for us to take with us – that will help ensure that we endure and thrive in our Christian lives – until the Feast next year?

Tears of Joy and Tears of Sorrow
Gary McConnaughey

Those brought back to physical life through the second resurrection and given their first and only opportunity for salvation will have tears of great joy. There will be tears of sorrow for those that rejected the grace of God and the salvation offered through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ when they realize what they gave up.