2018 Pigeon Forge, Tennessee Festival Messages

2018 President's Sermon

September 24

Celebrating God’s Government on Earth
Lyle Welty

The Feast of Tabernacles represents a time when the whole world will enjoy living under the government of God.

September 26

What the Feast Pictures to You
Ron Kelley

Members were asked before the Feast to relate what they most wanted to hear about in a Feast sermon. Answers were compiled into a comprehensive look at some major Millennial themes. The sermon provides hope, inspiration for spiritual growth, and paints a vivid picture of the Kingdom of God.

September 29

Sabbath Keeping in the World Tomorrow
Lyle Welty

What will be at the very heart and core of proper and meaningful Sabbath-keeping in the World Tomorrow?

September 30

Two Different Worlds
Tom Schultz

When Christ prayed to the Father not to take His disciples out of the world, that was done so that we can learn to build character by overcoming the world. It is through those experiences of overcoming that will help us to be better prepared to be teachers in the new world to come.

October 1

Are You Going Home Inspired?
Ron Kelley

Do we fully believe what we have heard, including our youth? What if this was our last Feast? We came here because we were called to change the world; teaching God's way to humanity during Millennium and after. We need to be encouraged to finish our Work. Let's take a closer look at our blessings and the wonderful opportunity God has given us.

They Shall All Be Taught by God
Mark D Winner

Very few today understand what happens after death. This sermon shows through scripture that there is going to be a resurrection in which all people who never knew God or understood His plan will be taught the truth of God by God...everyone, not just some.