2018 Orange Beach, Alabama Festival Messages

2018 President's Sermon

September 23

An Offering Made by Fire
Phil Sandilands

Opening night message - remember to keep up prayer life during FOT.

September 25

Rivet Your Eyes
Britton Taylor

Understanding the "Big PIcture" approach to the Feast of Tabernacles. What we get to see and what we don't get to see.

September 27

The Hand of the Diligent Shall Bear Rule
Roy Demarest

I will explain how the weak of the world (saints) will be able to rule over two, five or ten cities in the World Tomorrow, when almost none of us has any experience whatsoever in such matters. The key lies in God equipping us for the task. Just as He will greatly upgrade our mortal bodies, so too will He upgrade our minds to handle whatever responsibilities we are given.

September 29

The Story of Job-Satan Challenges God’s Plan
Harold Rhodes

The sermon considers the story of Job from a fresh perspective--Satan challenging God's plan of salvation. Satan claiming, in essence; God Your plan won't work, and if You will just give me the chance, I'll prove it to You with Job. Job is a book that proves to us God's way works, no matter what the physical circumstances, and God will succeed in His plan to save the majority of mankind.

September 30

The Ripple Effect
Bill Johnson

What we do matters to us, to God and to those Around us. As Leaders in the Kingdom of God we will impact untold number of lives. Are we preparing today?

Prepared to Reign
Barry Richey

Trials are an intricate part of what God uses to prepare us to reign. Christ was perfected through what he suffered and so too are we. Pain without purpose is just pain but in God's infinite wisdom there is purpose.

October 1

Then I Saw a Great White Throne
Phil Sandilands

Helping those in the 2nd resurrection with the lessons we learned in this life.

The Giant Leap into Eternity
Britton Taylor

To explain there is a time that is coming when the physical realm of our existence melts into the spiritual realm of God.